Bourjois Bio Detox foundation/concealer review

Hi all, hope you're having a fantastic evening :) Just thought I'd do a little review of the new Bourjois Bio Detox foundation and concealer because I'm a huge fan of the Bourjois range and had very high hopes for these. I'm also a total sucker when it comes to advertising so I bought these the day after they were released here in the UK and have been using them regularly since.

Lets start with the foundation. Have you ever come across a completely perfect product that does exactly what it says on the tin (and more!) and even manages to smell great and cost little at the same time? Nah, me either :) But I must say that this has come pretty close.

First of all we have the packaging; nice bottle, pump dispenser to prevent wastage, decent sized bottle for your pennies? check check and check

Next we have the smell which is rather nice and quite fruity but nothing to write home about. And the texture? Well it's runny but not so watery that you can't get good coverage, so I've found it handy for every day wear cos you can go for a very light coat that still looks great but it's definitely buildable if you want the extra coverage

My first complaint about this product (Come on, I'm British - you knew there'd be a complaint somewhere!) is that it dries seriously quickly so you don't have a lot of time to blend. Personally I do my makeup fairly quickly but I like to know that I have plenty of time to work with my foundation should I need it!

The final result I achieve with this is always really lovely - it's a matte finish so works wonders when my t-zone is a bit oily but is gentle enough not to dry out my cheeks. And as a lot of your guys already know I have problem skin around my chin and jaw - by problem I mean seriously prone to breakouts - and this hasn't irritated the area or made it worse. Though I'd like to point out that it hasn't exactly done anything to improve it either, but then I guess that would be a lot to ask from a foundation :)

My second (and final complaint) is that it doesn't last long enough. I think I've been spoilt by Rimmels Lasting Finish, Revlons Colorstay and Maybellines SuperStay 24hr foundations so I'm use to products that last all day long. Now this doesn't actually claim to be a long lasting product but I'd just prefer it to look fresher by the end of the day

Now, onto the concealer and I'd like to start by saying that this review could really be summed up in one word. Meh.
Obviously that wouldn't be much of a review so I'm gonna pad it out a wee bit :) The first thing I noticed (and disliked) was the little roller ball applicator, which just doesn't seem like a good idea to me. I reckon it would be ok if you only used this concealer under your eyes but I need to use it on my blemishes and at the sides of my nose too so the roller ball just seems like a bit of a rubbish gimmick that doesn't add anything to the product.
The texture is nice because it's thin and still manages to give good coverage that doesn't just sink straight into all the little crevices *coughwrinklescough* in my skin but like the foundation it's very quick drying so once you apply it you best get to work blending it really quickly!

Oh and a few final details...

Price? Foundation - £10.99 and concealer - £7.99 (not bad but not exactly bargain of the decade)

Would I buy them again? Foundation - hell yes and concealer - nope, not likely

It's raining cats n dogs here in Belfast so I'm off to make some tea and head to bed with a good book. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!
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