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Go watch WALL•E. It was so cute. There's so little dialog, but this story of two robots is the one of the greatest love stories... EVAR. It's really sad. Look how sad he looks! I totally cried.

Here is what I wore.

Above, sweater-vest: Esprit sample sale. Longsleeve: macy's, gift. Brown tank top: the Haight. Jeans: Forever21. Oxfords: Payless.

Can you tell I'm a camera-whore?

Above, the sweater... which has a chiffon-y neck tie built into it. I mean, you tie it yourself because it's just a strip of chiffon sewn around the neckline with two dangling ends in front, but still. Chiffon and knitwear? It's so peculiar! I love it.
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80s Karate

Above, fake hipster headband: Clinique. Jacket: mother's. Green t-shirt underneath: Kohl's. Pink Hello Kitty bag: Sanrio. Jeans: Forever21. Shoes: Fafi for Adidas.

Above, I chop.

I want karaoke-ing. Most excellent.
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John King Egg Tarts @ 1 Utama

I have been craving it all week!! My stomach screaming out that it needs some John King egg tarts to make the day! Finally i get to taste it now. LOL! I bought 6 egg tarts around Rm9 something. Promotion deal!

2 yellow tarts- normal egg tarts, the white one is double skin milk tart.

Red bean egg tart!

Top: red bean; right: green tea; lower left: corn

Love their silky-milky-smoothky texture and not too sweet. I don't think I can find another egg tarts as good as them yet. If you have one, please let me know. :)

John King
Lower Ground Floor, (old wing, near to Lasksa Shack and food court)
1 Utama Shopping Centre
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Ugly Bird Cafe @ The Birdcage, 1 Utama Shopping Centre

After a hefty lunch in Sushi Zanmai, we walked around the mall. Then head towards Ugly Bird Cafe. Came across this cafe from reading Masak-masak blog. Since we are here, might as well go and try their pastries.

The cafe is heading towards One Hotel direction, 1st floor. One floor above Soho restaurant. The same floor, you will see Pick n brew, Seoul Garden restaurants..
We found the name of the boutique The Birdcage. They sell really nice pretty dresses and some cute birds assessories. Would come here again to shop. Ugly Bird Cafe locates inside the boutique, which leads to a balcony area. Nice chilling place with limited tables and chairs.

Ah ha! Got a place to conteng!

Time to conteng! Spot my blog ID? haha

Apple pie with ice-cream

choc chip muffin

Ribena soda

Free biscuit melted cheese and tuna. ;)

Apple pie with ice cream, very yummy the apple pie when serving hot. One of the best apple pie i have tasted. Take a bite, you can still chew on the not-too-soft apple cubes underneath the crust. Cho-chip muffin is good too, top with choc chip, not on the inside.

Birdcage Boutique
First Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Petaling Jaya
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Malaysian Dog Olympic Day at 1 Utama

Love this pug!! So cute!
These are taken before we heading to Sushi Zanmai at Central Park, 1 Utama. Dogs gathering and competition day.
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Sushi Zanmai @ One Utama Shopping Centre

Today is a Food-filled day for me. First, went to One Utama to try this newly opened restaurant Sushi Zanmai for lunch. It was packed inside, and quite a que outside the restaurant. We remembered once we passed by the Sunway Pyramid branch is not as much people as this one. Not sure about the one in Gardens though. We que with hungry growling stomachs, finally got a table less than 30 mins. Pheww...

Check the menu, everything i see is "whaoo tis is nice....and this one yummy, this one looks good too, arghh dont know which to order....ohh lets call this....." My frend there called out to me " make up your mind." :P So finally I've place my order. While waiting, took some pic of the chefs workin hard in the kitchen making my yummy dishes.

We waited for sometime for the food to arrive. Yay!! Finally my food comes.

Unagi on Rice, small (rm 15.80)

Gone in 5 seconds!! haha kidding...
This is the best Unagi on Rice I have ever had. The sauce is so tasty and the fish is fresh! Finished the unagi faster than my rice in bowl. More unagi pleaseeee...:~( I saw the menu has lots of different unagi a set with grill unagi, sushi unagi...nxt time am gona try that one. I think the tuna belly is also their speciality, quite pricey though.i must try that too. :P
Nxt few dishes:

Yakiniku Don, small (rm 10.80)

Tender beef, and taste grilled (like the smell of it). The small meal size is a moderate portion, not too much or less. While we can savour some other dishes.

Chawanmushi (rm 4.80)

A dish can't be missed, smooth texture with soft egg and presh prawns! ( not many prawns though)

Potato curry (rm 6.80)

Ah...this turns out to be sweet potato in curry!! I always love sweet potatoes, but never had one like this. The sweet potatoes is crunchy at the outside, and tasteful in the inside. Maybe they boiled it first then deep-fry it as tempura to achieve that kind of texture. Love it at first bite!

Black Caviar!! (rm 3.80)

This is my first time having a black one. Taste different from the red ones. yummieee..

Kani Tamago Maki (rm 2.80)

Am not a fan of tamago, this one taste good with crab and seaweed.

Natto Maki (rm 3.80)

Finally get to taste fermented beans, yippieeeee it taste good. Will order the one with more natto in seaweed wrap without the rice.

Soft Shell crab Maki (rm 6.00)

Love this one, with not too much rice on the outer part (unlike the others have more rice on the outer part). So one half bite u can taste the delicious crunchy crab. :)

Overall, the food taste delicious and fresh. Service is good too consider the crowd.

Very satisfying and full lunch today. :)

Total bill: Rm 65.30

Sushi Zanmai is located at SK9A, Second Floor Highstreet, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (new wing).

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Fazed-Girl Goes To CalSO

I have been MIA for the past day and a half because I was attending my Cal student orientation, more fondly known as CalSO. I had two outfits, but I was way too tired to change into my first one for pictures. You'll live, really. Today's post is dedicated to the people who made my CalSO less tedious, tiring, and boring. If you're not one of them, you can just skip to the bottom.

To Jordan, I'm sorry that after seeing a black dog I said, "Look, it's Sirius Black!" since you have an aversion to all things Harry Potter, but I hope you will forgive me, and if we ever meet again, you better show me that cereal place. It's been a long time since I've had Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and you never did get to try that cereal sandwich. :D

To Somebody Half-White Wong, you are hilarious. If we meet again, I hope you're still banging on those piano keys and making politically incorrect jokes.

To Bryan, I love your clothes. Your mom's 1984 Olympics jacket, your ridiculously skinny pants, your high-tops, your white Wayfarers. Thank you for doing The Time Warp with great enthusiasm right in my face, effectively peer pressuring me into doing it with great enthusiasm right in Jordan's face as well.

To Frankie, I like your full name. It is saucy, Francisco.

To Jeevit, I swear the area surrounding Berkeley is scarier than the area surrounding UCLA. We can continue this argument in the future.

To Erica, someday you will find the thermostat.

To Sarah, who loves Threadless, I love Threadless! Best conversation starter ever. Thank you, my Napoleon in War Paint t-shirt!

To Kyle, my student adviser, you are unbelievably cool to me. I hope you can study abroad in Germany.

To Daniel, you are a cruel, cruel executioner in Hangman. With only the O and the A in "lollygag" and some incorrect letters, I would have figured it out eventually even if you hadn't said my L and Y were right. (We should have been in that part of the video entitled "Who woke up at 3 AM to get here?" for sleeping during the EAP and Getting Involved segments.) P. S. Taboo > The Office for mingling.

To the student adviser who led the Taboo game, you are awesome because you tried to describe "slash" as one of Charmander's basic moves. And "headshot" as "Does anyone play CounterStrike?"

To Sunil, you are awesome because if I had been on your team, I totally would have gotten "adrenaline" for your clue "epinephrine," and yes, rafts are yellow and inflatable. I hope we meet again so we can Taboo more. :D

To the girl from Team I who guessed Richard Gere correctly, you crack me up.

To everyone on Team II for Taboo, we own.

To Jeffrey, I saw the library!

Above, what I love.

Above, me with a heart over my face, also known as CalSO Day II. Striped polo shirt: Nordstrom Rack. Poo-green cardigan: Old Navy, mother's. Necklace: SoGood jewelry. Dress: mother's. Stirrup leggings: delia's. Sushi socks: HotSox. Oxfords: Payless.

Above, so I think I can dance. (If you haven't seen the "Bleeding Love" one you have to. I don't even watch the show.) This pose is also known as "The Sniff Check."

Above, closer.

Above, closer-closer. This is no ordinary tack. This is tacky to the max. And the picture is blurry.

Above, foot pose. Don't my feet look coy. Yes they do.

(P. S. I know this is kind of a judgment thing, but I definitely think what people say about Berkeley's atmosphere being totally different from that of UCLA is completely true. There's basically no smog in comparison, and the student body seems far less pretentious.)

(P. P. S. I know this is kind of a judgment thing too, but where are the hot guys at Cal? Did they all go to UCLA?)
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I never learn.

There are some people in this world I have never learned to get along with one-on-one and probably never will. The Duckling is one of them. I think we should give up.

Above, floral blouse: American Rag. Floral shorts: mother's. Belt: mother's. Tights: Nordstrom. Oxfords: Payless.
Above, wow my nail polish looks kind of evil in this picture. Floral + floral is how I originally intended to wear these shorts, but my closet was such a mess that I couldn't find my floral dress shirt. Haha. How sad. It kind of looks like a jumpsuit from far away. How trendy I am.

Floral and floral. Yum.
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