I'm Yours...

...if you can cook like TK.

A week's worth of outfits.


Above, worn to Senior Picnic Alternative. My mom was like "WEAR PANTS!" For once, I listened. Bitchy sunglasses: Kohl's. Purple bow around neck: found it in the closet. Vest: Esprit sample sale. Blue longsleeve: Old Navy, gift. Jeans: Levi's 504 Slouch Straight, cuffed to geek length. Socks: gift.

Above, oxfords: Payless.

Above, I pose. Check out how cluttered the room is. And how much my hair + sunglasses make me look like Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka. Or Anna Wintour.

Above, really messily tied bow. Yum. Violet.
Above, blurry shoes and socks picture.


Above, worn to Senior Luncheon + graduation rehearsal. Apparently my longsleeve is "purple! Or fuschia" according to Mr. Schmidt, who used my shirt to identify me (to yell at me to walk faster because I was ruining the even spacing of our procession). HOT PINK longsleeve: Target. Black jacket thing: gift. Skirt: made by my grandmother. Tights: generic. Socks you can barely see: grandmother's.

Above, my hands look so scaly. Monstrous! Ring: Claire's.

Above, flats: Steve Madden.

Above, overly glittery headband love: Target. Because hot pink, black, and blue totally match in my head. Man, this picture makes me look like I have a bald spot.


Above, what I changed into after graduation because I was sweating up a storm in my aunt's dress. Dress: mother's. Polo: old school uniform.

Above, + senior class sweatshirt. Socks: HotSox. Virgin heels: Target.

Above, wrapping paper from a graduation present. It makes me laugh! Oops, I think this picture might be upside down. Oh well.


Above, what I wore to go hipster shopping down Valencia with Gordon and Shelby (!). I notice that I tend to not wear pants when I go hipster anything-ing. Maybe hipsters just don't wear pants? Grotesquely printed neck bow thing: Albertson's (I know, I scare me too). Denim: delia's. Neville Longbottom t-shirt you can't see: Hot Topic, gift. Short shorts: wetseal. Tights: generic.


Above, what I wore to go get my first checking account (and drink with actual coffee in it). One of my "I hope nobody sees me" outfits. The only thing I am proud of: green + purple = Barney. Green corduroy blazer: delia's. Printed longsleeve: JC Penney. Jeans: Levi's 518. Socks: childhood.

Above, the print of my longsleeve. Demented semicircular elephants! Love.

Above, the ring I wore. From Claire's.

Above, my first coffee. Well, first drink with coffee in it because I asked the barista/guy who worked there what had coffee but was not heavily caffeinated. He said a caramel macchiato. So that is what that is. And the thing underneath contains my first checking account stuff. It's a season of firsts!

Above, what I changed into for a post-graduation dinner at TK's. Sweater: grandmother's. Printed longsleeve under that: JC Penney. Floral dress: mother's. Belt: either childhood or my mother's. Tights: Nordstrom.

It's our godforsaken right to be loved (loved loved loved loved).
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