I feel so stupid.

I can do decent hand-rolled hems and hidden zippers and puff sleeves and ruffles and bubble hems but DAMMIT I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to pattern drafting (although that's just because I never measure) and skirt waistbands. I've tried the whole Sew A Tube And Thread An Elastic Through It and FAILED even though it's supposed to be really, really easy. I am such a failure. Maybe I should just stick to alterations.

Today I went driving. I hate driving. I had Leona Lewis's "Bleeding Love" stuck in my head the whole time. A sign, perhaps?

I think I need to find something accomplishable to DIY or I'm going to cry. (I'm such a wuss.)

Yesterday at the dance:

TK: (while freaking on me from the front) Freaking from the back? That's too easy!
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