Fazed-Girl Goes Driving

If I could, I would look like Lieutenant Edward Stanley Michael:

As it is, I have no furry cap or aviation jacket or driving goggles or even driving gloves or anything hip and old like that. So I wore this:

Above, yes I have an atrocious bruise on my arm, no I don't know where I got it, yes I hate driving, yes I am miscolored and untan. No I don't usually wear short-sleeves. Yes, that is why you can't enlarge this picture. Printed top: Ross. Scarf: grandmother's. Hot pink bangle: Claire's. Mood (!) bangle: the SF Zoo. Shorts: brother's. Tights: generic. Shoes: Fafi for Adidas, "sample sale" out of some guy's garage.

Above, strike a pose! I don't think I'm channeling my inner Fashion Robot, even though it might look like it, because I realized that I naturally go into poses this awkward when put in front of a self-timer. I call this one the AIM Man.

Above, my mood bangle says I am blue green relaxed or calm, although it only turned that color after I finished driving.

Above, colorPOP! (Hee-hee. Look at my shirt print. Smiling metallic skulls. Does it get any better! Rhetorical question, hence no question mark.)
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