Cat By Day, 80s Trash By Night

What I Wore To The Doctor's, also known as Forgive Me; It Was Dreadfully Cold:

Above, Fruits Basket fleece hat: some anime convention, gift from my brother. Black jacket coat thing: gift. Jeans: Levi's from Costco. Socks: Hello Kitty, gift.

What I Wore To Orientation/Dinner, or I Am Vain And Wore Heels Even When I Knew I Would Have To Walk:

Above, ginormous sweater: grandmother's. Scarf you can barely see: knit by me. Jeans: Levi's from Costco. Socks: gift.

Above, + Payless heels. I'm also wearing a maroon t-shirt from a theater competition, but you can barely see it.

Action shot! I hope this pose/sprawl doesn't look too fashion robot-y. Shelby has me all self-conscious after I was posing in a door frame for FaceBook pictures.

Above, the element of surprise.

Above, chunky plastic ring from Shelby. :)
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