Waking up with pants off

Dear Nastee, thanks for dedicating your rendition of "Grand Theft Autumn" to me. Whenever I hear the lyrics "waking up with pants off at four in the afternoon," I'll think of you.

This morning I watched Kung Fu Panda because my mom made me go with my little cousin. It was highly entertaining. The comic timing was fantastic. Very, very cute. Go watch it.

Today was hot. This is what I wore.

Above, scarf: grandmother's. Green longsleeve: Target. Brown corduroy skinnies: delia's. Bag: gift. Socks: HotSox. Shoes: Steve Madden from Ross. Bracelet: gift from Shelby.

Above, the bracelet!

Above, the shoes and sushi socks!

Above, the scarf!

Above, the obnoxious, big, purple sunglasses and bag!

I met Sunshine at Japantown/Center/thing and had gelato. I also popped into Goodwill and bought a pair of glasses that I'm going to remove the lenses from (!!! How Hipster!) and a necktie because it was $0.99. Tomorrow there is some kind of sale. Maybe I should go. Too bad I have driving lessons tomorrow. I am definitely not going to get my license before my permit expires. I should really remember to exchange my Forever21 jeans that don't fit even though they're a size 26. :( Depressing. Stop listening to me whine!

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