YES! I'm finally done catching up on 2 weeks' worth of comments. (Sorta. Basically. Good enough. Hence "pruning" my inbox of those "New Comment On [Post Title]" emails.) Now to catch up on 2 weeks' worth of reading blogs...

Funny (to me): This morning I see a girl reading The Portrait of Dorian Gray. I am kind of excited to read it after reading Jayne's post. So I ask the girl if it's any good. She whispers, very seriously, "NO." I think I will read it anyway.

I think everyone should look at the Senior Special over at Ragamala. (And my conspicuous absence. D: Shoot. I do love me a good photo op. And this reminds me. Shelby, get a blog!)

This may be slightly offensive, but look! Forever21 is repping the Christians and the Jews!

P. S. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate driving? (I was practicing today. I can't drive legally yet.) I bet by the time I learn how to drive without having a nervous breakdown, gas prices will be so high it will be pointless.

P. P. S. Since I am very obviously not working on my King Lear dramatic reading, I think I will go attempt a skirt with elastic. :O Since I've only ever done zippers before (which is kind of ridiculous now that I think about it. Okay enough rambling.)

[EDIT: Okay, or maybe I didn't go attempt a skirt and instead watched Hillary's "concession" speech in New York City. Here's a picture of Obama.]

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