Ugly Bird Cafe @ The Birdcage, 1 Utama Shopping Centre

After a hefty lunch in Sushi Zanmai, we walked around the mall. Then head towards Ugly Bird Cafe. Came across this cafe from reading Masak-masak blog. Since we are here, might as well go and try their pastries.

The cafe is heading towards One Hotel direction, 1st floor. One floor above Soho restaurant. The same floor, you will see Pick n brew, Seoul Garden restaurants..
We found the name of the boutique The Birdcage. They sell really nice pretty dresses and some cute birds assessories. Would come here again to shop. Ugly Bird Cafe locates inside the boutique, which leads to a balcony area. Nice chilling place with limited tables and chairs.

Ah ha! Got a place to conteng!

Time to conteng! Spot my blog ID? haha

Apple pie with ice-cream

choc chip muffin

Ribena soda

Free biscuit melted cheese and tuna. ;)

Apple pie with ice cream, very yummy the apple pie when serving hot. One of the best apple pie i have tasted. Take a bite, you can still chew on the not-too-soft apple cubes underneath the crust. Cho-chip muffin is good too, top with choc chip, not on the inside.

Birdcage Boutique
First Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Petaling Jaya
Contas Premium
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