Tell me (Gordon)... there any more room for me in those jeans? (Please tell me you know the song, or else this sounds like a terrible pickup line.)

Probably not, since they're too tight for you to put your wallet in the pockets. (I've totally had the opening to this post written in my head since I first saw your jeans today.)

Dear Nuri, it's entirely your fault that I will forever associate Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" with graduation and why I have it stuck in my head right now.

Graduation was yesterday. Here are my roses sitting in the car.

Here is where I stuck the camera out the car window.

My graduation dress that nobody saw because it was under my gown, and nobody wants to photograph a graduate in regular clothes.

It's my aunt's dress, actually. Shoes: Seychelles. They're a size 6.bloody5 because they're from my 8th grade graduation.

Ahahaha, look at my fierce model expression below.

I went thrifting today with Gordon and Shelby. Update in future. I am so bad. I should stop spending money. NOW.

Random ideas:
  • cheap-o headband + mini furniture
  • cheap-o headband + giant fake butterflies
  • old tights + dye
  • top + lace doily type things
  • mirror or perfume bottle on a necklace
  • any other giant objects on a necklace
P. S. Gordon/Shelby/Spenser/Lincoln, where are our mustache photos?
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