There's a bird on the roof

(Thanks, Kyle.)

And there's a butterfly on my head.

Above, butterfly: Chinatown. Headbands: Walgreen's.

Headband + butterfly - metal coil + glue + needle + thread = butterfly on my head. I attached the butterfly at that angle instead of perpendicular to the headband on purpose. Shelby pointed me to this post at Sweet Fancy Treat. HURRAY BUTTERFLIES!

Other stuff from Chinatown! I broke my mirror last semester while watching Sicko in American Democracy because I dropped it mid-lipstick application (it was that engrossing, although we never did finish it in class). What terrible luck I have.

Above, mirror, Chinatown. It hearkens back to my gothic/lolita-ish roots in fashion. I think. Below: SO BROKEN!
The replacement, also from Chinatown:

Mmm... sparkly and pretentious. Just like me.
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