Dolores on the dotted line

Whenever I tape an ant, I like to think that millions of years from now, some higher life form will excavate our landfills and find little squished ants, encapsulated in Scotch tape, and wonder what the hell people were doing taping ants.

So I've been reading Lolita, and I feel really gross.

So of course to cure this, I go window shopping in the little girls' section.

(Oh, something is wrong with me.)

Above, Juicy Couture Puff Sleeve Jacket, $128 at Nordstrom. How virginal, the white and puff sleeves and big round buttons.

Above, Girls Pleated Skorts (Black), $16.50 at Old Navy. Oh man, I actually really want this. What the heck is it made out of? Why don't they make this me-sized? (Actually, maybe I can fit a really large size. Perhaps I should check in-store.)

Above, Ella Moss Girl Smocked Knit Dress, $85 at Nordstrom. Boring, but isn't it so very I'm-trying-to-look-grown-up?

Above, Ivy & Moon 'Misty' Dress, $36 at Nordstrom. Ahahahaha, painfully innocent. (I am internally recoiling.)

Above, Hype Floral Stripe Dress, $42 at Nordstrom. I just noticed all the Nordstrom stuff is modeled by the same girl. Creepy. I like the colors in this dress though.

Above, Sweet Heart Rose Girls Polka-Dot Halter Dress, $46 at macy's. You can't go wrong with polka-dotted halters. How rockabilly. Even though I'm not sure what that means precisely.

Above, Girls Dip-Dyed Dresses (True Blue and Arabica Bean, in that order), $16.99 each at Old Navy. WOW! Now that's what I call dip-dye! (Volume 26. Just kidding.) Actually, for a dip-dye job, I think it looks really strange, but I like the way the colors don't blend properly. The "Arabica Bean" (what the hell kind of name is that) is yummy.

And now I will work on English and drama and be disturbed by Humbert Humbert some more. (I feel so sick because I'm sympathizing with him when I know I shouldn't. Oh, he is clever clever, that Nabokov.)
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