Sushi Zanmai @ One Utama Shopping Centre

Today is a Food-filled day for me. First, went to One Utama to try this newly opened restaurant Sushi Zanmai for lunch. It was packed inside, and quite a que outside the restaurant. We remembered once we passed by the Sunway Pyramid branch is not as much people as this one. Not sure about the one in Gardens though. We que with hungry growling stomachs, finally got a table less than 30 mins. Pheww...

Check the menu, everything i see is "whaoo tis is nice....and this one yummy, this one looks good too, arghh dont know which to order....ohh lets call this....." My frend there called out to me " make up your mind." :P So finally I've place my order. While waiting, took some pic of the chefs workin hard in the kitchen making my yummy dishes.

We waited for sometime for the food to arrive. Yay!! Finally my food comes.

Unagi on Rice, small (rm 15.80)

Gone in 5 seconds!! haha kidding...
This is the best Unagi on Rice I have ever had. The sauce is so tasty and the fish is fresh! Finished the unagi faster than my rice in bowl. More unagi pleaseeee...:~( I saw the menu has lots of different unagi a set with grill unagi, sushi unagi...nxt time am gona try that one. I think the tuna belly is also their speciality, quite pricey though.i must try that too. :P
Nxt few dishes:

Yakiniku Don, small (rm 10.80)

Tender beef, and taste grilled (like the smell of it). The small meal size is a moderate portion, not too much or less. While we can savour some other dishes.

Chawanmushi (rm 4.80)

A dish can't be missed, smooth texture with soft egg and presh prawns! ( not many prawns though)

Potato curry (rm 6.80)

Ah...this turns out to be sweet potato in curry!! I always love sweet potatoes, but never had one like this. The sweet potatoes is crunchy at the outside, and tasteful in the inside. Maybe they boiled it first then deep-fry it as tempura to achieve that kind of texture. Love it at first bite!

Black Caviar!! (rm 3.80)

This is my first time having a black one. Taste different from the red ones. yummieee..

Kani Tamago Maki (rm 2.80)

Am not a fan of tamago, this one taste good with crab and seaweed.

Natto Maki (rm 3.80)

Finally get to taste fermented beans, yippieeeee it taste good. Will order the one with more natto in seaweed wrap without the rice.

Soft Shell crab Maki (rm 6.00)

Love this one, with not too much rice on the outer part (unlike the others have more rice on the outer part). So one half bite u can taste the delicious crunchy crab. :)

Overall, the food taste delicious and fresh. Service is good too consider the crowd.

Very satisfying and full lunch today. :)

Total bill: Rm 65.30

Sushi Zanmai is located at SK9A, Second Floor Highstreet, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (new wing).

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