Swedish 101: A Week



Above, bluish sweater: mother's, would've been thrown out. Green ribbon: used to be attached to the dress. Dress: made by my grandmother, designed by me. Purple longsleeve: Old Navy. White tights: generic.

Above, flats: Steve Madden. What I actually wore to school.

Above, heels: Target. What I had planned on wearing until I realized I did have drama class that day (but not the next). I am so bad at remembering stuff.

Above, sweater closeup. With the little buttons. Love.

Above, texture of outside of dress, with flash.

Above, texture of inside of dress, with flash. I chose the shiny side for the inside because it was too flashy. Or because I like surprises.

Above, ribbon in a bow.


Above, notice my argyle sweater, argyle socks, and polo? How preppy can you get? I matched Nuri today because I'm psychic. Argyle ftw. I don't even like argyle. Yellow argyle sweater: Esprit sample sale. Brown polo: brother's, Gap. Necklace: Forever21, gift. Brown corduroy skinnies: delia's. Argyle cashmere-wool blend socks: Target.

Above, check out the buttons.

Above, a locket. It opens. How precious!

Above, the texture of the polo. It was very strange, because the tag said 100% cotton, y'know, but it had this strange sweater-y texture. Very interesting.

Above, outfit + patent leather platform heels from Payless. Though you can barely see them. What a lame picture. You can even see my socks peeking out, so the outfit looks exactly the same. LAME.


Above, really dark picture because 1) I got home later than I had anticipated and 2) the colors in this outfit are pretty dark anyway. Wore this to school and then to the Senior Drama Awards Night, which I forgot was that day. STORY: So I'm wearing a corset that someone was going to throw away (probably because one of the straps came off. I just tuck the other strap inside and pretend there were none to begin with). It's by Betsey Johnson. It is very tight. When I wear it, sometimes I have trouble breathing if I laugh too hard. I understand why women in the 18th century fainted and needed smelling salts. So I was eating Chinese food out of a takeout box, and I was starting to feel rather constrained. Wanting to eat more, I took off the corset, only to find that when I had finished eating, I could no longer do up the zipper (there was a zipper). MORAL: Do not take off a corset to eat more. Corset: Betsey Johnson, vintage. Black shirt under corset: BP Nordstrom. Green cardigan: Old Navy, mother's. Skinny black pants: Gap, gift. Socks: H&M.

Above, tada!

Above, gratuitous photo! (Cardigan color is almost accurate, though.)

Above, what darling ruffles.

Above, this looks really gross because the fabric's really bunched up and my beginnings of love handles are pooching out. Oh well. Suck it up; this is how it laces up in the back.

Above, why I endured a corset for twelve hours: the Thespis Award. Thank you drama department.

Torsdag (AM)

Above, my mini-tribute to Kingdom of Style, who does florals with hot pink (or blue) the best. Tights: DKNY, macy's. Shorts: mother's (they have pockets!). Longsleeve: macy's, gift. Necklace: I have no idea.

Above, + Payless oxfords.

Torsdag (PM)

Above, my face is gone! Wore this to Senior Awards Night. I found a loophole in the dress code. Black blouse with ruffles: Esprit sample sale. Dress pants: brother's. Utilitarian belt: somewhere. Virgin heels (my first pair): Target.

Above, once more, with feeling!

Above, ruffffffffffffffffflllllles.


Above, what I wore to the senior last dance, entitled "The Final Countdown." Maybe there was no "the." Either way, I was totally overdressed, but I'm like that. The Not-From-Forever21-dress (mine has fewer ruffles on the bottom) from the Haight, and thank goodness because I paid twice the price for it. Heels: Forever21.

I am le tired.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate driving? [Edit: That was a serious question. Yes, I have.] I have driving lessons with an instructor tomorrow. I can barely go around the block without passing out or bursting into tears from nervousness. Dear Instructor, if I start swearing at you tomorrow, or if I burst into tears, or if I run your car into something, I just want you to know that my mom is making me do it. I don't want to learn how to drive!

(has song stuck in head and continues to sing in a dignified manner "I see you winding and grinding up on that pole / I know you see me looking at you when you already know / I wanna" and no, Connie, the lyrics are not "I wanna love you")
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