Ugly Outfit Throwback

Terrible outfits from the past = ugly outfit throwback, with snarky commentary. In fact these outfits were so bad I didn't even bother to flip my MySpace-esque mirror photos.

Above, shorts: from China from my friend, they're a little too small, curse my butt. Pink scrunchie: childhood. Striped turtleneck with dolman sleeves: grandmother's. Blue shirt sticking out: Old Navy, gift. Stirrup leggings: delia's. Socks: Target.

Above, cardigan that is, as my friend Shelby would put it, booby: delia's. Dark green t-shirt on the very inside: Kohl's, screenprinted by me. Green longsleeve: Target. Jeans: American Rag. Socks: Target.

Above, I remember wearing this to a meeting and having NATHANIEL and DANIEL mess with me during the blind voting for officers. (Insert not-really-angry fist and embarrassment.) Black cardigan: mother's, The Limited. Pink longsleeve under that: United Colors of Benetton. Skirt: vintage. Belt: J. Crew. Jeans: American Rag. Socks: Target.

Above, hair ribbon: craft store, from an APUSH project. Huge cardigan: grandmother's. Black longsleeve: BP Nordstrom. Dress: mother's. Stirrup leggings: delia's. Socks: gift.

Above, an I-don't-give outfit. Green stripey t-shirt: pajama top from Hong Kong, gift. Black henley hoodie: ellemenno, gift. Green jeans: Target.

Above, white lacey longsleeve thing: Chinatown. Black printed puff-sleeve shirt: Ross. Pink tank top: Kohl's. Giant tacky necklace: SoGood. Waist tie belt thing: off a skirt from Forever21. Jeans: Levi's 504 slouch straight. Socks: dollar store.

Above, me displaying a threadless t-shirt that was new, artlessly. T-shirt: threadless. Red hoodie: Mervyn's. Jeans: Levi's from Costco.

Above, I'd like to call this outfit horrible, but I can't because I wore this to audition for the fall play in junior year and got in. Uh, advice: don't wear skirts to audition when part of the audition involves doing a cartwheel. This is, like, one of two times I showed actual skin at school. Ew, I'm so pale. Green: United Colors of Benetton. Black: BP Nordstrom. Red: Mervyn's. Skirt: made by my grandmother. Leggings: Rite Aid. Socks: dollar store.

Above, awww look at my stripey continuity obsession begin early. Too-small sweater: ellemenno, childhood. I like to pretend it's supposed to be cropped. Tank top: H&M. Jeans: Levi's from Costco.

Above, I like the colors in this outfit. Sorta. Ill-fitting hoodie: Mervyn's. White top: gift from friend who went to China. Purple t-shirt: ezekiel. Jeans: Levi's from Costco. Socks: Costco. Yes I have 8 more pairs of the same socks.

Above, minus the weird-colored hoodie, it doesn't look half bad. Right? Right.

Above, for some reason I find this outfit really endearing. But I hate that shrug. That is the last time I buy into a trend because wetseal is having a sale. Trashy metallic shrug: wetseal. Pin holding the tiny shrug together: somewhere in North Beach. T-shirt: meomi. Striped polo sticking out: Nordstorm Rack. Jeans: Levi's 504 slouch straight.

Above, wait, why did I call this ugly outfit throwback anyway? These aren't all particularly ugly. Oh well. Excuse to clear out my camera. Green cardigan: Express, thrifted from Goodwill. Purple shirt underneath: Wicked. Longsleeve under cardigan: macy's, gift. Jeans: American Rag.

Above, yaaaawn. Cardigan: mother's. Printed longsleeve: JC Penney. Green t-shirt: United Colors of Benetton. Skinny black pants: Gap, gift. Socks: gift.

Above, damn this picture is blurry. Pink t-shirt: Paul Frank. Black jacket: no idea. Green circle skirt: made by me. Leggings: United Colors of Benetton. Socks: gift. Belt: Forever21, gift.

Above, I play the Snow Bunny. Sweater-vest with furry hood: Old Navy, gift. White longsleeve: Old Navy. Jeans: Levi's 504 Slouch Straight. Socks: Target.

Above, green blazer: delia's. Mittens: J. Crew, gift. Jeans: Levi's 504 Slouch Straight. Top sticking out: bloom. Socks: New York & Company, gift.

Above, outfit inspired by Susie Bubble's post on wearing every color of the rainbow. Pink is my red substitute, of course. Yellow scrunchie: childhood. Pink thing: made by my grandmother. Purple v-neck sweater: mother's. Blue t-shirt under that: Spider-Man shirt from Mervyn's. Orange tank top: Kohl's. Green jeans: Target. Yellow socks: H&M.

Above, white button-down: little boys at Old Navy, brother's. Black t-shirt under that: Express. Belt: brother's. Skirt: made by me. Black fishnets: no idea.
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