What I Did Today

Because You Care.

Today I learned how to do my laundry! So exciting! /sarcasm

I also went through (part of) my closet.

The Yes Pile

The Maybe Pile (Part I)

The Maybe Pile (Part II)

The No! Pile

The No! Pile, Underwear/Hosiery/Scarf/Wooly Things Translation

The No! Pile, Lower Body Garment Translation

Fix Holes/Bleach/Cut Things/Salvage Plz Pile

The Top Drawer Is Usually A Sock Drawer But Has Been Temporarily Renamed the Belt and Sock Drawer Because the Bottom Drawer, Which Is Usually The Belt and Hosiery Drawer, Was Found To Be Far Too Full Of Hosiery

The Second Drawer Is The Sock/Scarf Drawer

The Bottom Drawer, Also Known As The Hosiery Drawer (Only A Preview; More Is Buried Underneath. Also, A Scarf Has Found Its Way Into The Hosiery)

The Closet, Partial

My shelf looks a lot emptier without all my maybe clothes. And because I know you can tell from looking at the picture, yes, I did organize my t-shirts by stretchy and non-stretchy, because it is that important to me.

So earlier I opened up brainhurt.rtf (the play I'm supposed to be working on) and went, "Holy balls! Who wrote an entire page and a half of dialogue without my knowledge?!" Until I realized that I worked on my play at 3 AM and must have forgotten about it.
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