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This is my aunt's purse.

I love Engrish. (Unless it's not really Engrish. Oh well. This was amusing.)

OH YEAH! I took a picture with Margaret Cho today. AWESOME. The segment she filmed at my school should be aired in August on VH1. If it hasn't been edited into a 30-second clip with a voiceover.
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"You run your fingers 'cross my lips."

Your voice is way too sexy, Gabe.

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How time flies

I can't believe it's May tomorrow. APs are coming up, but life is moving too fast.

Here's stuff my friend Spenser bought me from Japan. (He went there over spring break. Late post, I know.) I requested "fashion magazines." He said he had his mom pick them out for him at the airport. Oh, Spenser. This is the bag it came in:

Here are the magazine covers:

Here's the receipt he forgot to take out:

Japanese magazines are weird. Seriously. They come with so much stuff inside. The two magazines weighed as much as my APES textbook, which is something like 900 pages long. Case in point:

Above, I'm actually not sure what that is, but it came with one of them.

Above, little red book secured into the magazine with a rubber band. A little book. It is, if you will, a...

BOOK IN BOOK. For some reason, the only thing I found interesting enough to post from the magazines was this belt, which has CLEAR PLASTIC. AWESOME.

And here's another book-in-book:

See, I was thinking to myself, "Oh! How sexy. Coach has its own little look-book inside the magazine, and it comes in a little plastic sleeve too. Sexy indeed!" But it turned out to be even better. It wasn't a look-book. It was...

A blank notebook! What the heck? What kind of fashion magazine includes a blank notebook for you? I freaking love Japanese magazines!

And here's the Domo-kun key chain Spenser got me. :D

Isn't the packaging amazing? ...Seriously. There's a hole in his mouth. An actual hole!!

I haven't started studying for APs.
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The saga continues...

Connie and Shelby and I went to the Haight after school yesterday looking for a prom dress for Connie. No such luck, but after a quick (twenty-minute) pop into Goodwill, I left with another 80s prom dress. I may be developing an unhealthy obsession, considering that I haven't worn any of my (now) three 80s prom dresses in public yet.

Regardless, here are pictures.

Above, probably an 80s prom dress, $7.49 at Goodwill. Look at the volume of the skirt. Amazing-ness:

The back:

The sleeve:

The ridunkulously whack fabric:

I love it, except I can't raise my arms too far above my head.

[Edit: My eleventy-first post! Bilbo Baggins ftw!]
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Thank you, Sunshine

Dear Sunshine, thank you for this email:

i think i'm cursed .... well, with a big heart and good ideas. i had a sudden splurge of "ask people to prom" ideas:

1. some guy can put a few balloons (saying "will you go to prom with me") in a backpack and break the zipper. then he can ask for help opening it and say something like "hey, can you help me out. this is stuck. it's kinda hard for me to open up." then bam! she opens it, balloons come up.

2. this would be perfect for a camera whore like you. some guy can get a camera (digital one with those screens) and take a picture of the girl and he'll pull a cheezy line like "sorry, i'm having a hard time focusing. when i look at you this is all i see." and on the camera screen is a question asking to go to prom.

3. if the girl's a computer kinda girl the guy can just rearrange the letters on the keyboard so its says "prom?"

4. someone can get their math book, go up to the other person and say "i'm having a really hard time with this math problem. help me out?" and then open the book and it just has "You + Me = Prom?"

- Sunshine
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Freaking Amazing

Thank you, Goodwill in Cerritos. You are freaking amazing. I flew back today. I bought these yesterday.

Above, probably some kind of 80s formal dress (prom?), $7.99, Goodwill.

Above, the back. Look at those sleeves.

Above, detail of bow (right side of hip in the full shot) and embroidery/sequins/beading.

Above, probably an 80s formal dress (prom), $7.99 at Goodwill.

Above, the back!

Above, the strategically placed flower.

Above, closeup of the sequins/beading on the flower. The pink sequins are losing their color (the silver underneath is showing through) but who cares.

And I have an econ final tomorrow! And an FRQ set for math! And AP tests coming up! Oh crap!

And I SIR'd to Cal. UCLA is pretty tempting, but I have chosen Cal.

And I will reply to my comments!
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Integral from zero to infinity of (3^3)-6

Forever21! My hero!

Above, H81 Power Ranger Tee, $18.90 at Forever21

I always did like how the yellow ranger was Chinese and the black ranger was black. But in all seriousness, I grew up on Power Rangers (and a combination of Barney and pro wrestling, but that's another story), and I'm glad to see it's now so old it's new, or so uncool it's cool. Either way, I want it.

Above, Heart Sunglasses, $5.80 at Forever21

(Y'know I really hate how some Forever21 product pictures have way too much white space.) The hearts are a little too round, and they don't come in red or pink, but hey, this is plenty enough to satiate my (kind of sick) fascination with Lolita (which I still haven't finished yet).

Above, Cat in the Hat Address Book, $6.90 at Forever21

Oh, my childhood! I hated you, Cat in the Hat! You were so manipulative! And yet... how I love Dr. Seuss. Oh, the thinks you can think! Did I ever tell you how lucky you are? I speak for the trees!

Ah, nostalgia.

In other news, I'm flying to LA Friday night to look at UCLA again. This indecision is ridiculous. Because reality just hit me, and the theater production/design major is unrealistic. And I don't love it enough. I get sick of theater a lot. I don't know. If I go to LA it's very likely I'll be dropping out of that major. Cal is rather intimidating, anyway. /ramble

P. S. Yesterday was Ohlone Night (for parents and friends to watch the stuff we performed at the Ohlone competition). I think it went well. I was so surprised when Kyle said the correct line (which he usually flubs) that I stuttered my next line.
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Thanks, TK.

Thanks for this email, TK:

Dearrrr [Fazed-Girl],

INSTRUCTIONS - How to have an awesome time in college (a.k.a. instructions on how to make me ∑(x^n)(n=0 to OVERLOAD ERROR) envious of you / live vicariously through you)

1. Go to UCLA. Spend 1 year in the arts college, and take as many GEs that overlap at the College of Letters and Sciences as possible.
2. Transfer into the college of Letters and Sciences.
3. Take Swedish classes for a year.
4. Go to Sweden on EAP:
(or you can take a semester, or a whole year:
5. Major in Linguistics and Scandinavian Languages (and something else if you feel like it - it's a pretty undemanding major). I think you'd enjoy linguistics - from a word-lover's point of view, I think of it as getting closer to the words and syntactical structures you love.
6. Graduate, and visit Sweden with TK. Speak only Swedish. Take a bus across the Öresund bridge to Denmark, and visit Freetown Christiania. Refuse to speak English to the Danes.

UCLA has the 2nd or 3rd best linguistics program in the nation, which is superb, seeing as MIT automatically gets the #1 spot because Noam Chomsky (the father of modern linguistics) teaches there.

This is what I would do if I were you (It would make me happy to be in your situation. But hey,
The world don't move to the beat of just one drum
What may be right for you may not be right for some.

I just think you should consider -- since you have no idea what you want to major in -- Swedish.


P.S. Your major doesn't really matter anyway. There's no point in locking yourself into a specific career path by choosing a certain major because you think you'll be able to make money that way.
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Senior Prom Dramarama is...


Dear Boys,

I'm not going with any of you. Suck it up.
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Yogurt and Pajamas

I will reply to my comments! I really will. But we have to perform our Ohlone scenes again on Wednesday so I had rehearsal until pretty late today. And I am studying econ. But here's another picture from my kitchen.


Here's the color code:
Purple: Small low-fat cartons of regular milk
Weird light yogurt that has a consistency like congealing blood. As in, blood that is currently congealing. Present participle. I eat this every day at lunch.
Cream cheese from Noah's, not sure if this counts (Honey Maple Nut Walnut Sugary Thing, and Strawberry flavors)
Blue's Clue's drinkable yogurt. Only marginally less embarrassing than having to respond to "What are you drinking?" with "Dora the Explorer drinkable yogurt. Oh, wait, I mean Go, Diego, Go! drinkable yogurt." They're my little cousin's.
Yoplait yogurt that's supposed to be good for your digestive system. They're supposed to be for my grandma, but I like them better than most regular yogurt. It's really thick. Vanilla is the best.

And this is excluding the side of my fridge where we put the big milk cartons.

And let's continue the strange photo/unattractive outfit posts.

Above, denim jacket: delia's. Floral slip: vintage. Tights: generic. That printed thing underneath the slip: pajamas, Nordstrom. I wore this for Spirit Week last year for Pajama Day. It was way too subtle. Nobody got it.
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Moldy Orange

I have some ridiculously long report due tomorrow that I need to start writing for APES, so I'll leave you with a picture of a moldy orange from my kitchen:

Oh yeah, and an old outfit that I actually think is kind of ugly, so I'm not sure why I'm posting this, although at least this clears out my camera:

Above, printed longsleeve: JC Penney. Cardigan thing: mother's. Scarf: knit by me. Burnt orange tank top peeking out: somewhere in the Haight. Skinny black pants: Gap, gift. Socks: Target.
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A Plethora of Enthusiasm

2 outfits, 1 dress (could have been a YouTube wonder), although they're not all that different

Above, dress: delia's. Jacket: gift. Printed thermal longsleeve: Kohl's. Tights: generic.

Above, dress: delia's. Printed thermal longsleeve: Kohl's. Poo-green cardigan: mother's, The Limited. Super thick knit tights: Target. Worn with metallic silver ankle boots from delia's, posted recently so won't post them again. I wore this when our drama class went to go see Blood Knot. I walked, like, 30 blocks (give or take 2 blocks) in those ankle boots and busted a hole in my knit tights.

I should have kept it closed (would have been illegal on YouTube)

Above, dress: somewhere in the Haight. Green longsleeve: Target. Pink with unbuttoned button/clasp visible (egad!): made by my grandma, from the 90s. Belt: some piece of ribbon. Tights: Nordstrom.

I am cold (should have been an embarrassing YouTube video-diary)

Above, thermal longsleeve: Old Navy, gift. Scarf: mother's. Vest: knit by my mother in, like, the 70s. Thing sticking out: a jumper from bloom. Skinny black pants: Gap, gift. Socks: Target.

2 outfits, 1 belt (another could-have-been YouTube phenomenon)

Above, pretentious sunglasses: Nordstrom. Dress shirt: Old Navy. Floral belt: vintage. Jeans: Levi's, Costco! (Haha.) Socks: gift.

Above, floral belt: vintage. Denim jacket: delia's. Thermal underneath that I know I'm wearing: Kohl's. Green slip that looks asymmetrical and might actually be from warping: FCUK, vintage. Slip: grandmother's. Tights: Nordstrom?
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Craftster Brilliance

More brilliance from Craftster, because Craftster is the lovechild of brilliance and sewing machines.

JOODITO, shop at etsy. Little explanation necessary. Just look at the details. Oh, knits! Oh, collars! Oh, tab things! Oh, puff sleeves!

Above, neutral colors, the collar, the zipper placement, the sleeve proportions, and the curves of the front and back detailing, not to mention the tab things!

Above, the hood! The tunic length! The arbitrary stripe!

Above, the puff sleeves! The collar! The monokini-esque design! The peculiar texture!

Above, the neckline! The giant circle! Oh!

lauralyn, who designed these for her senior thesis to put "a twist on women's roles in society":

Above, the cleverness of this photograph tickles me. If you click the picture, it'll take you to the original post. There's a photo with this dress worn in... a meat market.

Above, an 18th-century gown in era-inappropriate, subject-appropriate fabric! I'm tickled!

Above, a mess of amazing! I'm rather taken by this one, actually. It makes me think of soap suds, sea anemones, whipped cream, and flowers. Simultaneously. Super-tickle.


Above, cleverness in a hair clip, with a message, to boot.

Above, waffle-knit hoodie with altered sleeves and added buttons. Buttons on the zipper-pull? I'm sold.
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I Am A Skank/Visiting UCLA: A Week In Pictures

Day One: I debut my short hair.

Above, pink longsleeve: Target. Bandana/scarf: grandmother's. Zip-up sweater hoodie: grandmother's. Short shorts: Nordstrom Rack. Tights: Nordstrom.

Day Two: I Forget My Pants or The First Photo Attempted With Shoes Is A Failure Because Being Asian Prevents Me From Wearing Shoes On Carpeting

Above, plaid shirt: grandmother's. Bandana/scarf: dollar store. Longsleeve: department store. Leggings: United Colors of Benetton. Shoes: blowfish at delia's. Another shoe picture below:

Day Three: I channel my inner Snow White.

Above, red (you can't see it but I know it's) metallic threaded sweater: Old Navy kids. Bandana/scarf: grandmother's. Blue sweater: mother's, The Limited. Miniskirt: Forever21. Really thick knight tights: Target. Shoes: Payless.

Day Four: I make an Important Discovery, then fly to the LAX after school. I pack almost nothing to visit UCLA and consequently sleep in a pair of undies and a tank top.

Above: laptop case/bag: baggalini. Printed thermal longsleeve: Kohl's. Bluish sweater thing: mother's. Jeans: delia's. Socks: gift. Scarf: grandmother's. Bracelet: made by my friend Shelby (see below).

The Important Discovery:

Above, scarf: grandmother's, Oscar de la Renta. I did not notice this until English class when I saw the tag for care instructions sticking out and thought, "Oh! How obscene! I have unwittingly displayed the care instructions of my grandmother's scarf to the entire world!" resolving to re-tie my scarf with the intention of hiding the offending tag, only to discover the tag was a very agreeable one with Oscar de la Renta printed on it as well.

Day Five: UCLA Theater Open House. I wear the same outfit as Day Four and hope no one suspects me of my heinous crime. A girl in line for the bathroom asks, "Are you a design major?" When I respond in the positive, she says, "I could tell." After open house, I fly home. I wear these shoes:

Above, Oxfords that look better in person: Payless.

Day Six (Part One): Cal Open House.

Above, green longsleeve: Target. Vest: Nordstrom Rack. Bandana/scarf: grandmother's (it's navy blue, green, and red with gold chains printed on it. Not a really floppy-looking red scarf as it appears at first glance). Green t-shirt sticking out: "This Is Why I'm Hot" global climate change awareness t-shirt, printed by me, shirt from Kohl's. Skinny black pants: Gap, gift.

Day Six (Part Two): My high school's production of Les Misérables.

Above, jacket: mother's, United Colors of Benetton. Dress: was my aunt's. Blue shirt thing sticking out: I have no idea, but maybe a Spider-Man t-shirt from the boy's section at Mervyn's. Leggings: DKNY. Socks: no idea because they are so old. Worn with these shoes:

That was last week.
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