Thank you, Sunshine

Dear Sunshine, thank you for this email:

i think i'm cursed .... well, with a big heart and good ideas. i had a sudden splurge of "ask people to prom" ideas:

1. some guy can put a few balloons (saying "will you go to prom with me") in a backpack and break the zipper. then he can ask for help opening it and say something like "hey, can you help me out. this is stuck. it's kinda hard for me to open up." then bam! she opens it, balloons come up.

2. this would be perfect for a camera whore like you. some guy can get a camera (digital one with those screens) and take a picture of the girl and he'll pull a cheezy line like "sorry, i'm having a hard time focusing. when i look at you this is all i see." and on the camera screen is a question asking to go to prom.

3. if the girl's a computer kinda girl the guy can just rearrange the letters on the keyboard so its says "prom?"

4. someone can get their math book, go up to the other person and say "i'm having a really hard time with this math problem. help me out?" and then open the book and it just has "You + Me = Prom?"

- Sunshine
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