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Forever21! My hero!

Above, H81 Power Ranger Tee, $18.90 at Forever21

I always did like how the yellow ranger was Chinese and the black ranger was black. But in all seriousness, I grew up on Power Rangers (and a combination of Barney and pro wrestling, but that's another story), and I'm glad to see it's now so old it's new, or so uncool it's cool. Either way, I want it.

Above, Heart Sunglasses, $5.80 at Forever21

(Y'know I really hate how some Forever21 product pictures have way too much white space.) The hearts are a little too round, and they don't come in red or pink, but hey, this is plenty enough to satiate my (kind of sick) fascination with Lolita (which I still haven't finished yet).

Above, Cat in the Hat Address Book, $6.90 at Forever21

Oh, my childhood! I hated you, Cat in the Hat! You were so manipulative! And yet... how I love Dr. Seuss. Oh, the thinks you can think! Did I ever tell you how lucky you are? I speak for the trees!

Ah, nostalgia.

In other news, I'm flying to LA Friday night to look at UCLA again. This indecision is ridiculous. Because reality just hit me, and the theater production/design major is unrealistic. And I don't love it enough. I get sick of theater a lot. I don't know. If I go to LA it's very likely I'll be dropping out of that major. Cal is rather intimidating, anyway. /ramble

P. S. Yesterday was Ohlone Night (for parents and friends to watch the stuff we performed at the Ohlone competition). I think it went well. I was so surprised when Kyle said the correct line (which he usually flubs) that I stuttered my next line.
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