Freaking Amazing

Thank you, Goodwill in Cerritos. You are freaking amazing. I flew back today. I bought these yesterday.

Above, probably some kind of 80s formal dress (prom?), $7.99, Goodwill.

Above, the back. Look at those sleeves.

Above, detail of bow (right side of hip in the full shot) and embroidery/sequins/beading.

Above, probably an 80s formal dress (prom), $7.99 at Goodwill.

Above, the back!

Above, the strategically placed flower.

Above, closeup of the sequins/beading on the flower. The pink sequins are losing their color (the silver underneath is showing through) but who cares.

And I have an econ final tomorrow! And an FRQ set for math! And AP tests coming up! Oh crap!

And I SIR'd to Cal. UCLA is pretty tempting, but I have chosen Cal.

And I will reply to my comments!
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