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The UCLA Theater program open house is on Friday.

I am (hopefully) taking a flight (on stand-by) on Thursday night, going to open house on Friday, flying back on Friday night, going to the Cal open house on Saturday, watching the musical on Saturday, and then ushering the musical on Sunday.


I had a dream a really good friend of mine and I were doing math homework in the library, and he kept asking me stupid, inane questions about velociraptors and velocity (har har har) until I got so annoyed I stood up, slammed my hands on the table, and told him to shut the hell up, resulting a hush falling over the entire library.

I also had a dream that I was some kind of detective, and I broke and entered into someone's house and was looking for clues or something using a hair comb. And then I used the comb and poked this pile of blankets, and a man popped out and punched me in a jaw. And I was knocked out cold. The blanket was blue with little black stripes.

Sleeping more than 6 hours a night makes my dreams that much more bizarre.

Here is what I wore for my grandma's birthday dinner, which was a while ago at some expensive Chinese restaurant (what a paradox):

Above, jacket: gift. Dress: Xpose in the Haight. Tights: generic.

And then I got too enthusiastic and threw on a headband that was not meant to be pseudo-hipsterized:

Above, headband with EYELETS: Claire's, gift. Jacket: gift. Dress: Xpose in the Haight. Tights: generic.

I guess the suburb-y parts of LA have no hipsters because all my cousins and my brother were like, "Why are you wearing that?"
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