Yogurt and Pajamas

I will reply to my comments! I really will. But we have to perform our Ohlone scenes again on Wednesday so I had rehearsal until pretty late today. And I am studying econ. But here's another picture from my kitchen.


Here's the color code:
Purple: Small low-fat cartons of regular milk
Weird light yogurt that has a consistency like congealing blood. As in, blood that is currently congealing. Present participle. I eat this every day at lunch.
Cream cheese from Noah's, not sure if this counts (Honey Maple Nut Walnut Sugary Thing, and Strawberry flavors)
Blue's Clue's drinkable yogurt. Only marginally less embarrassing than having to respond to "What are you drinking?" with "Dora the Explorer drinkable yogurt. Oh, wait, I mean Go, Diego, Go! drinkable yogurt." They're my little cousin's.
Yoplait yogurt that's supposed to be good for your digestive system. They're supposed to be for my grandma, but I like them better than most regular yogurt. It's really thick. Vanilla is the best.

And this is excluding the side of my fridge where we put the big milk cartons.

And let's continue the strange photo/unattractive outfit posts.

Above, denim jacket: delia's. Floral slip: vintage. Tights: generic. That printed thing underneath the slip: pajamas, Nordstrom. I wore this for Spirit Week last year for Pajama Day. It was way too subtle. Nobody got it.
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