Harry Potter, Presidents, and APUSH

Last night I had a Harry Potter dream. It was long and complicated, but here is the basic structure. There were two dinner parties. During the first one, Voldemort possessed Harry and (as Harry) killed some people. During the second one, we figured that Voldemort wouldn't pull the same stunt twice, so we were really on the edge, trying to anticipate what he would do. We were starting to let our guard down because we were already starting on dessert and he hadn't shown up, but then some old guy started to eat the cake, and his dying words were, "Don't eat the cake! Voldemort is in the cake! It's possessed!" (I think this may have something to do with watching Dogg's Troupe Hamlet rehearsal a few too many times.)

Greatest thing ever: Make Your Own Obama

And because I like to whine, here are my ID cards from last year's APUSH (AP U. S. History) class:

And just how filled most of them were:

Each card had a term on the front, and on the back we wrote things like who, what, where, when, why, significance in history, et cetera. We had them for each chapter in the textbook. And it was a pain. I did all of them, though. And as much as I complained while doing it, they saved me because I barely had to study for the SAT IIs for a mid-700 score, and studying for the AP exam was really easy too. And that's all.
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