Craftster Brilliance

More brilliance from Craftster, because Craftster is the lovechild of brilliance and sewing machines.

JOODITO, shop at etsy. Little explanation necessary. Just look at the details. Oh, knits! Oh, collars! Oh, tab things! Oh, puff sleeves!

Above, neutral colors, the collar, the zipper placement, the sleeve proportions, and the curves of the front and back detailing, not to mention the tab things!

Above, the hood! The tunic length! The arbitrary stripe!

Above, the puff sleeves! The collar! The monokini-esque design! The peculiar texture!

Above, the neckline! The giant circle! Oh!

lauralyn, who designed these for her senior thesis to put "a twist on women's roles in society":

Above, the cleverness of this photograph tickles me. If you click the picture, it'll take you to the original post. There's a photo with this dress worn in... a meat market.

Above, an 18th-century gown in era-inappropriate, subject-appropriate fabric! I'm tickled!

Above, a mess of amazing! I'm rather taken by this one, actually. It makes me think of soap suds, sea anemones, whipped cream, and flowers. Simultaneously. Super-tickle.


Above, cleverness in a hair clip, with a message, to boot.

Above, waffle-knit hoodie with altered sleeves and added buttons. Buttons on the zipper-pull? I'm sold.
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