How time flies

I can't believe it's May tomorrow. APs are coming up, but life is moving too fast.

Here's stuff my friend Spenser bought me from Japan. (He went there over spring break. Late post, I know.) I requested "fashion magazines." He said he had his mom pick them out for him at the airport. Oh, Spenser. This is the bag it came in:

Here are the magazine covers:

Here's the receipt he forgot to take out:

Japanese magazines are weird. Seriously. They come with so much stuff inside. The two magazines weighed as much as my APES textbook, which is something like 900 pages long. Case in point:

Above, I'm actually not sure what that is, but it came with one of them.

Above, little red book secured into the magazine with a rubber band. A little book. It is, if you will, a...

BOOK IN BOOK. For some reason, the only thing I found interesting enough to post from the magazines was this belt, which has CLEAR PLASTIC. AWESOME.

And here's another book-in-book:

See, I was thinking to myself, "Oh! How sexy. Coach has its own little look-book inside the magazine, and it comes in a little plastic sleeve too. Sexy indeed!" But it turned out to be even better. It wasn't a look-book. It was...

A blank notebook! What the heck? What kind of fashion magazine includes a blank notebook for you? I freaking love Japanese magazines!

And here's the Domo-kun key chain Spenser got me. :D

Isn't the packaging amazing? ...Seriously. There's a hole in his mouth. An actual hole!!

I haven't started studying for APs.
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