I want a girl with good dividends

I want a girl with a short skirt and a lo(oooooo)ng jacket.

Above, zip-up hoodie: Old Navy. Dress: delia's. Printed thermal underneath: JC Penney. Black tights you cannot see but I know I am wearing: generic. Socks: gift. My drama teacher really liked my socks and wanted me and my scene partner to wear them to the competition. (Good thing we didn't.)

Above, day one of Ohlone College's High School Theater Competition. T-shirt: threadless (Secrets of Mensa). Black longsleeve: BP Nordstrom. Dress: aunt's, would have been thrown away. Tights: generic.

Above, day two. T-shirt: customink, specially printed for the competition (to anyone who attended, yes, I'm from that obnoxiously loud school. That won). Printed longsleeve: JC Penney. Floral slip: vintage. tights: generic.
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