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As soon as all my sponsorships expire, I'm changing this blog's URL to

with the intention of communicating the following:
  1. See what look Sam is sporting today!
  2. Also, observe Sam as she looks for personal style, a cohesive educational path, and a self-actualized haircut!
  3. Also, observe the irony of her being Asian-American and squinty-eyed, because you can't tell if Sam is looking at things or not! Zing!
Because while I am still convinced that I was bred to be ornamental, and while this is still a chronicle of my attempts to get dressed, learning to grow up, and those beautiful college days, and while I am still self-centered, awesome, and unable to function without a creative outlet, "fazed-girl" does sound too much like the username of a softcore porn star a Livejournal circa 2001, and I've been using it for more than six years, which is way, way too long. I chose "fazedgirl" as my online identity when I entered my teens, so I, being fond of symbolic action, find it uncannily appropriate to let that name come to its end as my teenage years draw to a close.

Yes, this is going to kill all my internal links, my Google PageRank, SEO whatever whatever, and how deeply entrenched this blog is in search engines. But that's okay.

My name is Samantha, and I blog.

So any of you 2.5 readers who will still be sticking around, get ready for some (messy) changes come September 24, 2010.

I won't have any new posts until then, but in the meantime, my twitter and tumblr URLs will be changing in the next half hour.
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Bridge Bar @ G Tower

Last Saturday, we checked out this exclusive and discreet latest bar in town. Bridge bar one of a kind bar, which located on the 28th floor of G City Hotel, GTower at Jalan Tun Razak next to Tabung Haji building. The newly opened G City Hotel is owned by investment holding company Goldis Berhad, which also owns GTower and has a stake of various businesses. The hotel claims to be the Malaysia first internationally green-rated building.

The bar is now open to the public for the time being. Soon they will only serve exclusively to its hotel guests and club members.

The Club lounge area equipped with comfortable designed lounge chairs for work or read and computers with high speed broadband are easily accessible.

I wished this piece of luxury stylish sofa was in my living room!

Inside the Bridge Bar, there is a bar area, and the lounge area which is seated exactly on the bridge itself. I find this bar very poshy and stylish!

Taken outside the balcony of Bridge Bar. It is really a bridge between two towers of G Tower, similar to the bridge between Twin towers. But the view here is not as great as Luna Bar, here you can't really see KLCC or Twin Towers. However, the view is still great.

We come here for the ambiance, exclusiveness, and the people here treat you like VIP!!

There is a alfresco balcony which I forgot to take pictures of it. Lookin down to the ground from the balcony is pretty woozy.

Stylish interior inside Bridge Bar. Check out the tall glass window panels from floor to ceiling and mirrors on the ceiling. There are no live bands here, but chillout, downtempo music were playing at the background with really superb sound system. It blends well with the ambiance while you're lazing on comfy lounge chairs. Love it!

Riesling (Clare Valley)


Chilly Tho - Chili dip in Mojito

Fruit shooters of Orange with Vodka & Lemon with Tequila.

The restroom. You can choose to dry you hands after washing by either using their folded clean hand towels or tissue papers. Class!Bridge Bar after closing, viewed from G Tower.

Before entering Bridge bar or leaving, you will need to get pass the tight security. :))
Do check out this place before they close for members only.

Bridge Bar
28th Floor GTower
199 Jalan Tun Razak, KL
T: 03 2168 1919
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8 First Week Of School Tips

Monday the 23rd of August was the dreadful first day of the Fall Semester at LSU, which means it's no longer summer and I've been forced to recognize the days of the week.  So for the first time since May,  I'm rejoicing because it's FRIDAY!

 Anyway, since it's my 5th semester (uhh seriously, where is the time going?!) I've come up with a short list of tips for the first week of school.  Take it or leave it.  Some of my things apply specifically to LSU, but probably make sense any other school as well.

  • Don't buy your books before school starts.  Yeah, okay, I know some people get like super stressed about waiting until the last minute to buy books, and if that's your personality, then buy the books early.  But if you're like me and change your mind about everything, you should wait on it.  Every semester so far I have added and dropped classes at the last minute in attempt to give myself a better schedule.  If I'd purchased my books early, I would have had to worry about keeping my receipt and returning them amidst the mayhem of everyone trying to buy books last minute.  That being said...

  • Buy books online.  Seriously? Why would you want to go to a bookstore the first week of school? The lines are ridiculously long,  the stores run out of copies of the books you need, and you have to pay a crazzzyyy sum of money for something you may not even use much.  It's so much easier to just get on, order your books (for a fraction of the price that bookstores offer) and have them delivered to your place in a day or two.  You never even have to leave your living room. Speaking of leaving...

  • Walk everywhere that you can.  Okay, maybe your campus is a low traffic zone, but not LSU.   It took my roommates and me almost an hour to get from the north gates of campus to the Co-Op.  I mean, I know most of you don't know what I'm talking about, but that's not a very far distance.  Traffic sucks.  And everyone can use a little extra exercise.  

  • Bond with your roommates!  I really think this is an important thing to do.  Whether they've been your roommates for years, or it's your first time meeting each other, take the time to hang out with them.  I missed my roommates so much! They are my best friends, and after not seeing them a lot over the summer, I was so excited to finally get to hang out.  We took advantage of not having much homework by playing board games every night which may not sound like the coolest thing to do, but we had so much fun! Board games not your scene?  Don't fret, just find something you and your roommates all enjoy. 

  • Don't let yourself get behind in school.  Sure, it's easy to be lazy the first week of school, but just because you don't have any tests doesn't mean you need to cut class or skip out on doing homework.  It's so easy to just review your notes a few times, and it's actually really helpful. If you study a little bit every day, you won't have to cram everything into your brain the night before a test.

  • Study during the day.  Okay so this applies to every week of school, not just the first one.  I know it's tempting to get out of class, head straight to your apartment, and lay on the couch watching E! for three hours, but trust me on this one: getting your studying done during the day is such a good idea. The things you learned in class will still be fresh in your head, and you won't have to worry about being too tired to study later in the evening.

  • Get some sleep.  Okay, I get it, most college kids like to party all night and whatnot, even though they have 9 AM classes.  I don't want to sound like a Mom or anything, but you need sleep.  If you are used to staying up late in the summer, take a Melatonin to help get your sleep cycle on track.  I mean, you know that during midterm week you're probably never going to get any sleep, so you might as well get as much as you can now.

  • Keep an eye out for clubs and organizations you may want to join.  It's a new semester, so it's a perfect opportunity for you to get involved in school.  There are so many options, it would be hard not to find something that you're interested in.  If you love traveling, maybe you can sign up to Study Abroad or even participate in a National Exchange Program.  If you want to help people, there are so many opportunities.  I was part of the Best Buddies Program last year, and it was such a great experience.  I can't wait to find something new to try this year!

 So that's my tips.  Hope they are beneficial to someone.


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going out with a bang

In which I experience the magic that is a Ghirardelli Earthquake with the help of some lactase pills (thanks Spenser), encourage my six-foot-two lecturer to go down the big slide at the playground (to the consternation of the little kids' parents), and attempt Thousand Armed Buddha photos on the roof of the Westfield shopping center, as a goodbye to George before he left for New York.

Photos by my brother, who was not aware that my slip-shorts were not supposed to be visible.

Above, purple ringer t-shirt: Wicked tour. Parka thing: mother's, H&M. Purple cardigan: Uniqlo. Floral dress: secondhand, aunt's. Purple tights: H&M. Canvas shoes: Payless.

Photogenicity (Photogenia? Photogeny? Photogenicia?) is a well-kept family secret.
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*Latest In Market by Moschino* MOSCHINO TOUJOURS GLAMOUR & MOSCHINO GLAMOUR Mini Perfume Gift Set

It's 100% Brand new, Authentic and Satisfaction Guarantee.. Suitable as gift for any occasions.

A new fragrance by the house of Moschino is arriving on the market in June 2010. This is a successor of Moschino Glamour dressed in blue. Toujours Glamour is based on composition of Glamour edition, but refreshed with red currant and green violet leaves in charge of this mischievous elegant edition spiced with cardamom. A heart of this fragrance blooms with innocent white lily of the valley and intoxicating jasmine with a hint of bitter almond. A base intertwines heliotrope, benzoin and sensual musk.

Consists :
~ Eau De Toilette 5ml
~ Perfumed Bath & Shower Gel 25ml
~ Perfumed Body Lotion 25ml

1x Ready Stock
1x Sold to Aimee, Selangor

A magical and enchanting elixir, completely absorbing and seductive, a new fragrance by the house of Moschino, was named Glamourand presented exclusively at TFWA in Cannes, in October 2008. It is composed of fruit juice and floral petals, which are ready to seduce the senses and imagination with their ethereal magic.

Moschino Glamour opens with sparkling accords of tangerine blossom with seductive artemisia, crystallized with harmony of sea salt aromas. The heart encompasses an ironic contrast of ingredients and highlights intensive colours and velvety aromas of hibiscus and cattleya orchid combined with tacts of exotic and transparent lotus flower. Base notes introduce final seduction of unexpected and delicate-sensual amber and cedar, wrapped with inapprehensible white musk.

Perfume flacon of Glamour is interpreted with a dose of elegance and glamour, shaped like a passionate heart, in sparkling and classic nuances. It enriches harmonically and accentuates the shape, proportions and art of this edition. Crystal bottle with gold coat and red stopper represents an era of glamour, which is opulent, feminine and sensual. Outer carton was presented in a combination of red and gold, expressing a fashionable touch of luxury and a new dimension of femininity.

Consists :
~ Eau De Parfum 5ml
~ Perfumed Bath & Shower Gel 25ml
~ Perfumed Body Lotion 25ml

1x Sold to Ainul Nazian, KL

Will be available upon request
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Taipei...!!! I am coming...

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Back to Europe - Cafe Vienna

Recently, I've came acrossed Fatin's blog review on desserts in Cafe Vienna.
Took the opportunity to drop by Lot10 after shopping at Pavilion.
Fell in love with the cafe at first sight!
Further reading, you will see more of pictures taken inside of the Cafe. :P
The interior of the cafe is beautiful and classical music at the background, creates the European ambience in Cafe Vienna.

My table was right infront of the dessert counter. This is a killer to me!! The desserts are calling me!! arghh...

Notice there are different dining furniture. The one I seated was Al-fresco dining style with a classic Michael Thonet chairs with marble tabletops.

Towards the back of Cafe Vienna, a more cosy corner. Big comfort vintage sofa and lounge plush chair, looks so comforting. Unfortunately that table already reserved. Next time if I[m coming with a group of gals, definitely will take that corner, so we can kick off our heels and gossip and sipping teas n munching desserts. Bliss!!

Modern and stylish dining chairs on the other side of the Cafe. Love the paintings on the walls. Very classical paintings, reminds me my university days reading and analysing art from the classical and romantic era.

Another of my favourite, vintage clocks!!! Classic collections!

Check out the mirror reflection on the ceiling. There is a real piano there with no pianist yet. Heard they were lookin for a pianist. Hopefully by then we get to hear classical pieces 'live'.

Nice chandeliers.
The food is resonably priced, served European cuisine, classic coffees, homemade desserts and pastries.

I ordered a Kaese Spaetzle (Cheese with Austrian noodles) - RM29.50
Spatzle served with sauteed onions, mushrooms, parsley, turkey ham, gruyere cheese and a touch of cream.
This is So GOOD! The mushrooms were very fresh a nd smells superbly good! Seriously, I hardly tasted any mushrooms that smells as good as this. Everything blends perfectly, and am happy that the cream is not too thick.

Cheese Strudels - RM16.80
Flaky crust filled with ricotta cheese, lemon, raisin and served with vanilla sauce. This is served warm and its rich in texture. Actually I cant finish eating this, since both dishes i order are CHEESE!! How could i resist them??!! I can't even walked after consuming all the food.

Weiner Eiskaffee (Vanilla ice coffee) -RM16
- double mocha served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream topping.

Cappuccino - RM10.50

Will definitely come back to try the Chicken Schnitzel and other desserts.

Cafe Vienna
No 23 - 25,2nd Floor,
Lot 10 Shopping Centre
Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 603-21417858 / 603-21419900
Opens daily: 10am -10pm

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Sephora and Uniqlo store open soon in KL!!

Earlier we heard rumours that Sephora gonna open its store in KL. Yes, it is TRUE!! Spotted the hoarding right outside the entrance Starhill Gallery today. Judging from the image on the hoarding, it looks like a phuturistic glass house! It reminds me of the Louvre in Paris. Can't wait to see this awesome building and Sephora's wonderful stuffs.

Found a little info about Sephora on the web, thought of sharing it with you. Sephora is a chain cosmetics stores founded in France in 1993 by Dominique Mandonnaud. Who fashioned the store's unique name by blending the Biblical name of Zipporah (Moses' exceptionally beautiful wife) with the ancient Greek term of "pretty", sephos. What a uniqued name!

Owned by Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH), the world's leading luxury goods group. Today, Sephora is one of the leading chain of cosmetics and perfume stores in France and has 750 stores in 21 countries!! Wow!! Let's hope that the Sephora cosmetics price are not sky high. But I doubt that.

Another exciting outlet - Uniqlo!! A Japan leading clothing chain stores! This will be Uniqlo first ever flagship debut in Malaysia. Located next to Starhill Gallery, Fahrenheit 88 (formerly known as KL Plaza).

On a different note, I saw this 2 Style Cops were standing at the entrance of Pavilion today. They caught everyone's attention. Cute!
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Above, the PS1, $1995
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key card access

In which I buy my textbooks for the computer science, math, and linguistics classes I'm taking in the fall, play hide-and-seek at midnight in an engineering building filled with hazardous material, and discover that I rather like the way I look in a chopped-up Hannah Montana wig.

Above, cardigan: Uniqlo. Equus t-shirt: gift. Skirt: secondhand. Tights: Forever21. Flats: Steve Madden. Bracelet: grandmother's.
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