Revamped Room for the Fall Semester

So, yesterday I took a little trip to my apartment with my roommates so we could clean up and rearrange for a fresh start this semester.  Although it involved lots of procrastination, Taco Bell, and more giggling than actual work, we ended up getting a whole lot done.  We rearranged the living room furniture so that there is now a separate space for studying, complete with a desk and bookcase, which is going to be great.  And I finally got around to hanging up some posters and artwork in my room that had just been sitting around under my bed.  And I cleaned out my room and closet.  Sweeeet

Well this is my bed and the wall above my bed.  I really like how the arrangement of my stuff turned out.

This is on the wall on the side of my bed.  New York, Paris and London :]

Here's my desk and bookshelf.  With my lovely John Lennon picture, and a poster of Central Park in the winter
This is a close up of my bookshelf.  I spy a Buddha statue,  a picture at Tavern on the Green,  books, and Miss Marc.

Here's a close up of my desk, where you can spot Aphrodite, a framed autograph from Fall Out Boy,  a picture of Julian and I at my senior prom,  my brown box of art supplies, and a book that I painted pictures in.
A long time ago my mother wanted to get rid of this vase, so I took it and painted it.  It's messy but I like it.
My cousin Amy got me that awesome John Lennon poster.  And I got the awesome Mexican Day of the Dead stuff in San Antonio.  And the rest, I made myself.
And there's obviously room for lots more, I'll keep searching for sweet things to put in my room.

Anyway.  That's my room :] 
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