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I love a bargain as much as the next girl but to be honest I’m always slightly wary of exceptionally cheap products. Now I’m far from a makeup snob – I hate paying more than I have to but by the same token I know that an E.L.F lip gloss probably wont measure up to one of my favourite Juicy Tubes!

However, that doesn’t stop me from going for quantity over quality sometimes, particularly if I’ve stumbled across a new brand and feel I have to try every product to see how it measures up. Which is exactly what happened when I was browsing in Superdrug and came across MUA (Make Up Academy) goodies. Every item is £1 so it’s like 50% cheaper than E.L.F and the best bit is that you can try everything before you buy, as opposed to a lot of the other seriously cheap brands where you can only get them online! I tried a few items on the back of my hand and was pleasantly surprised but of course it’s pretty hard to tell what you think of a new product until you try incorporating it into your every day makeup routine. Perfect excuse to try one of everything I reckon =)

I shall do a proper review of my purchases (whole collection of yummy make up for an amazing £17!) once I’ve used them for a while but I just had to mention the blusher straight away because I was blown away by the quality. I’d previously been using Ooh La Rouge in Pink by Too Faced but have been converted to my MUA in shade 1, and not only cos I was complimented 3 times on my skin on the same day – my mum and sisters totally count! – but because it’s just so easy to apply, gives great colour, looks incredibly pretty, girly and gives that sweet “flushed” look I’m always after.

No idea if you can get this brand anywhere other than Superdrug yet but if you come across it on your next shopping trip then I definitely recommend giving it a go. After all, even if you’re not keen you’re only gonna be a quid down...
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