Itchy, flaky... eyebrows?

Possibly the worst place to get dry skin but for some reason my eyebrows seem determined to get in the way of me having perfectly applied eye shadow and beautifully defined brows. Yeah, ok, so the paltry 5 minutes I spend doing my eye makeup every day could also be a contributing factor but the beauty sleep comes first damnit!

The strange things is that the rest of my skin could definitely be described as normal/oily and I’ve never once had dandruff – though no doubt I’ve jinxed myself and shall wake up tomorrow with cornflake sized flakes all over my head – but no matter what I use on my eyebrows they end up dry and slightly flaky by early afternoon. Now I know this isn’t exactly a disaster on the scale of the gulf oil spill or global warming but it really gets on my nerves

At the minute I’m using the Replenishing Face Cream by Eucerin before sleepy sleeps and then Cliniques Moisture Surge Rich during the day, followed by my Too Faced Shadow Insurance (however did I live without it!?) and I’ve even tried using cream eye shadows to see if it makes a difference. Alas, it would seem I’m destined to end up with unsightly flaky eye make up by 4pm everyday as opposed to the spectacularly pretty face framing brows sported by the exquisite Miss Hepburn

Aaanyway... I’d actually intended to review a new mascara but I seem to have rambled on a bit so I’ll save that for another day =)
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