Beach Vacation Memories :]

So I'm back from the beach! Which is sort of sad, because Louisiana is like really really hot, and there's no oasis of cool blue water to jump in and beat the heat.  But I had a really good time, and this post is basically just some of my favorite pictures from the trip!

This is on the pier, which was really cool, despite the doubts I had about it:
This is Julian on the pier, he is really cute:

This is on the very end of the pier, it was so far out on the water!  Like, people caught sharks when they were fishing there.  Oh, and my dress is from my awesome sister, Hannah, who bought it for me in Mexico:
This is Julian and I at the beach:
This is me with Noelle and Cali, both of them making me look like a little short 12 year old:
Julian found little cute sand dollars!
Julian tried to teach me to skip rocks, I didn't succeed and my arm was sore for 3 days:
Noelle, my future sister:
The coolest other girl named Cali ever:
Hanging out in the elevator with my funny little friend, Andre:
On the balcony with the girls:
The boy team, losing at Mad Gab, you can see the defeated look in their eyes...:
The Girl Team, kicking butt:
Reading on the beach, such a fun place to read:
Speaking of reading, I read the first book of "Pretty Little Liars", which is really really good, even better than the show!  And when I finished it, I went to the store and bought "Eat Pray Love" which I haven't finished yet but I will soon.  It's so easy to read and you kind of fall in love with the author after about the first sentence.  I recommend it for sure!

Okay I guess that's it.  Oh yeah, I leave Thursday to go to San Antonio again!!!! Yayyy! And I think this time, Julian gets to come!

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