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How I kill time before astronomy:

Okay, not really, but I printed these shirts before astronomy today for the Jason Mraz concert on Sunday. I hope nobody came up with this design before we did because I think we're awfully clever.

First color layer, hanging out from the pipe leading to the sprinkler in my room:

Second color layer:

The design:

P. S. The ink isn't that evenly distributed on a couple of the shirts. Forgive me; it's been a while.

P. P. S. The "i'm yours" was so tiny I had to use nose hair scissors to cut them out. Gross!
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Plain White T's

Above, plain white t-shirt: mother's. Vest: Esprit. Jeans: Forever21. Socks: dollar store.

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Halloween... Eve

BRYAN: (loudly, on the phone, outside our door) How many girls do you have?... Yeah, I know Shannon... Okay!
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i love clean hair

Above, cardigan: Uniqlo. White t-shirt: mother's. Neckerchiefscarf: grandmother's. Jeans: Forever21. Oxfords: Payless.

I love clean hair so much.


Above, ring: gift!


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old people i like

This picture is kind of nasty and urine/clogged toilet colored, but it's what I wore on Saturday. My mother was very kind and patient and took me garage sale-ing and Goodwill-ing.

Above, sweater: grandmother's. Dress: Forever21, gift. Leggings: DKNY. Socks: gift.

I was told I looked "mature" because "when I was eighteen, I was wearing, like, jeans and a retarded t-shirt."

Haha, United Colors of Benetton Girl.

So at one of the garage sales, this woman said something about going to an Asian supermarket to buy meat, and how many "fucking Chinamen" there were. I decided to leave.

At another garage sale, a woman who used to stage houses for sale said something about a "nice Oriental man." I gave her the benefit of the doubt and assumed she was old and used to saying that. Besides, she had a coffee grinder from the 1800s. It looked like this, but orange:

I bought a bunch of buttons from her.
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not a makeup girl

but I want. Above, NARS Sephora Exclusive Lip Gloss Collection, $45

OH, have you seen the YSL black lip gloss in person? It is kind of AMAZING!

Above, YSL GLOSS PUR Black, $28
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another family birthday

My aunt turned 60. We ate at some Asian fusion restaurant. Here is what I wore to be "young but family appropriate," edited because the outfit was dark and didn't photograph well:

Above, bow pin: from a shirt, gift. Jacket: mother's. Black ruffled blouse: Esprit. Black satin shorts: Nordstrom Rack? Navy tights: BP Nordstrom.

Real colors, crap detail:

Fake colors, marginally better detail:

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Hip-Hop Japan

From Ian Condry's Hip-Hop Japan (which so far seems to be riddled with far too many spelling and grammatical errors but is nonetheless interesting and quite insightful):

"In 1996, several of the members of RSC Japan came from Soka Daigoku, a Buddhist university that boasts one of the largest and most successful breakdancing teams in Japan, D-Crew."

Reading this makes me really want shoes.

Above, Women's Adi Hoop Low, $65

Above, Nike Blazer Mid Plus MTR Women's Shoe, $62.99

'Cause, you know, ladies is pimps too.
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this is why i'm hot

This is the outfit I changed into after washing my hair after astronomy class on Wednesday.

Above, t-shirt: Kohl's + DIY silkscreen. Skirt: made by my grandma. Tights: Nordstrom. Shoes: Keds.

Above, I was so excited to have clean hair. So excited. I felt like I could climb mountains.

Cuz I was hot.

Well, the weather was hot, anyway.

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new record

4th day hair:

5th day hair holy crap that's the longest I've ever gone this is gross:

Freshly washed and still a little wet:

The difference is in the roots.
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Dear Urban Outfitters,

I like this and want it very much:

But why do you have to put the Asian model in the "Mandarin Tunic"?

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epilogue to Chinese restaurant

Maybe this means I should read those unidentified, totally never heard of, are not being turned into a movie with Robert Pattinson of the girly lips books my brother sent me...?

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It is so not like the old ones. So much more pro.

PLUS the clip with Harry at the end. Oh, Daniel Radcliffe. AHAHAHAHAHA. I AM SO EXCITED IT'S GROSS

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keep it in the family

Greens and blues.

Above, dress: mother's. T-shirt: Woot, gift. Tights: Nordstrom. Shoes: Keds. Sunglasses: outlet.

Keeping it in one color family is not really my thing. At least not in this outfit.

The back looks so much longer here.
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i'm a weakling

I just flinched while stretching my arms (while watching the webcast of an astronomy lecture I slept through) and wondered what caused the sharp twinge of pain in my arm.

Then I realized it was from carrying several pounds of clothes on my left arm (twelve dresses and six blazers) while browsing the Van Ness Goodwill on Saturday.

I'm such a dork.
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Vicky S

Vicky S, as Jocelyn has so cutened Victoria's Secret, is an enigma to me. Their Pink line is terribly (and somewhat embarrassingly) appealing to me, and almost all my underwear is from VS. And they have, you know, pretty (overpriced) dresses like this one:

Above, Flutter-sleeve dress, $138 at Victoria's Secret

But then you get these scary bastardized trends like this:

Above, Wool ombré coat, $159 at Victoria's Secret

I'm all for sexy models, but woman (or should I be addressing VS here?), that is a crime against all that is ombré. I told myself I wasn't going to be negative on this blog, so I'm going to say that the coat looks pretty good...until you get to the bottom. What kind of excuse for color fading is that? Whereas the top could be considered elegant or mysterious or at least remotely classy, the bottom is a big black band of Oops I Dyed It Again (And Again And Again And It Turned Out Too Dark).

(Random: Does anyone else mentally pronounce ombré like the Spanish word hombre instead of the fancy mouthy French word for shadow? How do un-French people say it? Awm-burr? Like a mutilated "amber"?)
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I hate creepy old men.

Dear Creepy Middle-Aged Latino Man,

Don't call me cute.

I am not checking you out just because I am walking in your direction. It's called a crosswalk.

I didn't really think this outfit was asking for it. Who knows. I always feel kind of violated when that happens.

Above, plastic fake Wayfarers: outlet. Pink thing: made by my grandmother. Green t-shirt: Old Navy, mother's. Jeans: Forever21. Shoes: Keds.

I notice that when I wear these sunglasses, people on Sproul don't even try to give me fliers. Must be the hipster apathy I exude. Totally.
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