Let's play a game.

RULES: Steal the parts of Jessie's and Connie's posts that are true for you too.

  • I am a bad student.
  • 4 hours of sleep has not taught me how to organize my time. (Not four hours at Cal, but four hours a couple nights in a row at Lowell should have been enough to teach me how to to use my time efficiently. Apparently not.)
  • I want to go down to LA for Halloween, even though I have a math midterm that week. (I want to go down to LA period. San Diego would be nice too.)
  • I spend more time picking out what to wear than I do with my Anthropology reader. (than I do with my Astronomy reader. + midterms = I'm about 2 weeks behind)
  • Woe is me. They are right. Cal is like Lowell on steroids.
  • So yesterday I was homesick, friendsick, and just plain sick. ("I just plain sick" is horrible grammar. Oh well. I can't study for English because my head hurts too much to concentrate, but not enough to prevent me from typing...)
  • L can call me a baby but I MISS MY MOMMY. (But I always do. I have a headache and nobody is here to hold my hair when I throw up or give me a massage or feed me plain white rice!)

And just in case you didn't catch it the first time around, Cal is like Lowell on steroids.

I am dying and so not emotionally here right now.

It is (okay, has been since, oh, May 1st or so) starting to seriously occur to me that maybe I made the wrong decision...

I do not find myself invested in this school...

Or excited to be here...

Or doing anything I would be proud of...

Maybe I am just off to a slow start. Maybe I am not throwing myself headlong into this school like I should be and know I can and usually do. I'm sure Cal is amazing. I guess I'll just have to see how long I can suck it up.

But damn, my head hurts.
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