O! Woe is me. I am woe. Woe and I are one.

Lament my class notes, dear readers.

Here are my Engrish-y notebooks from the 98-cent store:

And here are some of my notes, with commentary:

Above, the triangles on the right remind me of Asteroids and Rocko.

Am I right, or am I right? Triangles ftw.

Above, as you can see, I fall asleep in my college classes just as I did in high school, and my notes are still atrociously messy. I would like to direct your attention to the third picture in this series, at the bottom of which I have written "NO PROMPTS, BITCHES! Aiyah."

Above, apparently a lot of non-Mr.-Arber professors use the word "notion" (2 from Anthropology, 1 from English). Also, people wearing jersey dresses should a) wear shorts or b) wear underwear that won't show through.

Above, on the first day of English, Professor Altieri took role and called out this amazing name.

Above, all these swirlies are from anthro. That lecture(r) takes interesting material and turns it into some incredibly boring shit.
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