I must bullet point and semi-arbitrarily bold:
  • American Eagle's aerie is having an 8 for $25 undie sale. Pop in some discount codes, and it'll come out to less than $3 a pair.
  • EverbodyIsUgly sells to Berkeley's Buffalo Exchange on Telegraph and gives some very useful tips and information on how to sell your used clothes and what to expect. (I went to check it out but couldn't find anything I liked. I hope someone else who will put them to good use picked them up!)
  • Wendy of Hand It Over has cooler, more photogenic friends than you do.
  • This post at Between the Lines really makes me want to get black lip gloss.
  • Gala makes my day.
  • It bothers me how much I want these F21 leggings because, um, they're leopard print.
  • Realization #1: My recent fashion rut is a result of my being sick of street fashion. I want high fashion back.
  • Realization #2: I am home this weekend, and I miss Cal. That was unexpected. Oh, my floormates!
  • I have "Sexy Can I" stuck in my head. And every Usher song that ever got popular. And "In the Ayer." Oh hot damn, this is my jaaaam. I blame Bryan.
  • On Wednesday night, Amman, Bryan, and I went to the telescope on the roof of Campbell and saw Albireo (binary stars that are blue and yellow! Cal colors), Jupiter (which looked like the Moon tinted brownish), and Vega (it was bright). It was not as exciting as it sounds.
  • Thinking about not going to UCLA makes me want to cry, but so far I have no major regrets about choosing Cal. I suppose this is a good sign.
  • I was supposed to be taking a break from theater by doing fashion at Cal, but somehow, I don't think fashion is going to be my thing at Cal. Then again, I miss theater, but I am sick of it.
  • This is now mine:
My uncle is the best.
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