Welcome to College

In preparation for my first bowl of ramen in college, I looked up something like "worst dorm meals ever" and stumbled upon these gems from WanderList:

McFood from McYesterday - McGross; wasn't that McGood then either
Nuked ketchup and water - ugly tomato soup
dry cereal in a bowl - forgot I ran out of milk
Frosted Flakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
dill pickle spears dipped in Miracle Whip
Uncooked macaroni topped with mayonnaise and barbecue sauce (power turned off)
a dog biscuit - was really dry, but cleaned the tartar from my teeth
Runny lasagna that gives you the runs

If you seriously consider eating them (and then consider that you are seriously considering eating them), maybe you'll burst out laughing like I did.
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