losing my touch

From this article on maintaining high school friendships in college:
"It was difficult for me at first to uphold friendships with high school friends because I was not used to having to make an effort to keep in touch—I was used to friendships coming easily and always being accessible on a local level," says Fardig. "Making that transition was often frustrating, because it tests the level of friendship."
I started to wonder, recently, after seeing Tony and Jeffrey in the dining hall so many times but never stopping to say more than "Hey, how are things going with you?" what the hell I was doing to my relationships.

Friends of convenience? A rather sobering thought. I don't want to think about it because I'm kind of afraid what that's going to say about me.

I might be relationship-apathetic, or I might be relationship-disabled. I might even just be relationship-stupid. But I'm going to tell myself that time will tell, stop worrying, and suck it up. Maybe things will turn out the way I keep hoping. Or I might live with cats.
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