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Vicky S, as Jocelyn has so cutened Victoria's Secret, is an enigma to me. Their Pink line is terribly (and somewhat embarrassingly) appealing to me, and almost all my underwear is from VS. And they have, you know, pretty (overpriced) dresses like this one:

Above, Flutter-sleeve dress, $138 at Victoria's Secret

But then you get these scary bastardized trends like this:

Above, Wool ombré coat, $159 at Victoria's Secret

I'm all for sexy models, but woman (or should I be addressing VS here?), that is a crime against all that is ombré. I told myself I wasn't going to be negative on this blog, so I'm going to say that the coat looks pretty good...until you get to the bottom. What kind of excuse for color fading is that? Whereas the top could be considered elegant or mysterious or at least remotely classy, the bottom is a big black band of Oops I Dyed It Again (And Again And Again And It Turned Out Too Dark).

(Random: Does anyone else mentally pronounce ombré like the Spanish word hombre instead of the fancy mouthy French word for shadow? How do un-French people say it? Awm-burr? Like a mutilated "amber"?)
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