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like, omg?

Ugh, ugh, ugh, have I mentioned how inadequate people like Matt Doyle make me feel?

From an album that includes these lyrics: "Hey little boy / would you like a ride? / A lollipop? / A puppy? / How about a baseball bat? / There's one in my pants."

ALSO! Rent. Curran. October. Be there.
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darling, why do you press your knees together?

Yes and yes.

Above, Princess Acrylic Necklace, $14.80 at Forever21

Above, Eclectic Sequin Bib Necklace, $17.80 at Forever21
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The links have not been feeling loved lately, so here you go:
  • The prettiest butter I have ever seen, at Sunday Suppers.
  • From the author of The Demon's Lexicon, a tragic short story/backstory on one character. It tugs at my heartstrings, it really does, which is saying something because I got invested in little Gerald in such a short amount of time. Of text.
  • yellow is bangin'
  • "It’s not surprising I look 16 – in my head I still feel 16 – and that feels a good age to be. I’ve never had to grow up. I’m still a big kid really." I forgot Rupert Grint was 20.
  • Emma Watson is a darling. "When I was little, I didn’t understand that other kids thought I actually was Hermione, really geeky. It was devastating. I thought no one would ever fancy me."
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darling, don’t think I take your murder lightly

So thanks to Cathy and Amanda, two of my plays are going to be performed this year! This may be minor news to you, but for me, there is a very limited number of things more satisfying than seeing something you thought would only ever be words on a page become an actual performance that (at least a handful of) people take seriously. (The necessary handful being the director(s) and actors.)

The first one, I wrote last year. It’s a crack!script riddled with Shakespeare references taken out of context and involves a man in love with a portrait of Shakespeare, a girl who pads her butt, and a lot of tragic death.

The second one, I just finished this past month. It’s about Harry Potter being treated like the Bible (this premise is TK’s, not mine, but he wanted to write a book with me about it and it never happened…so I stole it), but is really just a thinly veiled criticism of blind followers of religion (blind followers, not just followers) and sounds awfully Melchi Gabor, if you ask me. If it’s any indication, I’ve had “All That’s Known” stuck in my head for a while now. Anyway, I am stupidly happy with this one because it is the longest play I have written to date, it is serious, and it is plotty. Much plottier than anything I have ever written.

The point is, one of my friends Nate has been cast in both of them:

I get all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that the same friend who dedicated a slightly off-key rendition of “Grand Theft Autumn” to me is going to be playing a Creeper who has a sick interest in children and an extremely lecherous man named René!
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wake me in time to be lonely and sad

Oh, this looks much more like it.

Also, playing with fabric.

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what makes love the exception?

Wore this for Last Hurrah Dim Sum before my brother went back to SoCal. We accidentally matched mustard yellow tops.

Above, cardigan: Esprit. T-shirt: United Colors of Benetton. Bag: secondhand, thrifted. Skirt: Nordstrom Rack. Tights: gift from Victoria. Shoes: Payless.

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I must be mentally gay...

...because I just blew my mind (thanks, Bo Burnham) with the realization that it's

And it's

I am sorry these pictures are really bad. But I thought I should write this down.
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Embarrassing behavior runs in the family.

Clearly, the soon-to-be-renamed Harry Potter musical is on my mind. I am lucky to have an equally ridiculous brother and obliging mother. And an uncle and little cousin who aren't embarrassed to be seen in public with us. This is us practicing our stoic boarding school faces in the garage before unleashing them on the unsuspecting public. My brother's pin says "PREFECT" on it and is from a London boarding school.

Above, ME [Tie: gift. Sweater: UC Berkeley, gift. Shirt: Christian Dior (what the hell?), brother's. Skirt: made by my grandmother. Tights: DKNY. Shoes: Steve Madden.] BROTHER [Scarf: mine, gift. Sweatervest and shirt: United Colors of Benetton. Pants: Wal-Mart, totally. Shoes: DSW. Pin: karikter]

We walked around looking for fallen twigs to use as wands and conversing in British accents. I am not kidding.

I think my mother may have overdone it with the number of pictures she took. No matter.

My mother took a photo as my brother and I stood on a bridge gazing at a tree across the way, while people in rented pedal- and rowboats passed under us. We were trying to look ominous. ...Also, I'm short.

After that, I found a stick.

Then my brother found one, too, and we came across the second bridge, which led to this:

Embarrassing? Yes. And yet it was TOTALLY AWESOME!
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it don't matter what'll come to be

Impromptu shopping trip:

Above, $22

Above, $5.80 each

Above, left to right, $3.90, $1, $1

Above, 7 for $25

  1. The United Colors of Benetton that isn't inside Westfield/the SF Shopping Center is closing down, so the entire spring collection was half off. I feel much better paying $22 for a white button-down from UCB than for any top from Forever21. I am happy. I would be happier if I had bought it in black as well, but that seemed excessive (considering I bought everything else pictured here first).
  2. Forever21 didn't have any plain black fake Wayfarers, so I settled for these. In retrospect I should have gotten the black splatter ones and the black version of the floral ones, but oh well. I'll probably sit on them and crush them soon anyway.
  3. I usually have a lot of trouble finding stuff at H&M. But I love tights. Especially $1 tights.
  4. American Eagle is really not my store of choice. However 7 for $25 is better than Victoria Secret's 5 for $25. And I want to be able to wear a thong without complaining, so I am trying a different one. TMI? Also I think I can go for like 2 months without doing laundry now...
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watch a movie, rollerskate, fill the world with fear and hate

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CK Eternity Summer 2009 - New perfume by Calvin Klein.

Just like we are used to seeing, the house of Calvin Klein offers their new, limited editions of the summer fragrance Eternity named Eternity Summer 2009 for women and Eternity Summer for Men 2009, offered to population of men. Summer notes of freshness intended for women

CK Eternity Summer 2009 - New perfume by Calvin Klein. Brand new with box like retail counter selling. With serial number for authenticity proven.

Eternity Summer for Men 2009 by Calvin Klein is a aromatic fragrance for men. Top notes are gin, lime and bergamot; middle notes are pepper, basil and chamomile; base notes are hinoki wood, star anise and amber.

Retail Price : RM285.00 100ml Edt (Men)

Our Price : RM185.00 (Save RM100.00)

Eternity Summer for Women 2009, are composed of a sunny blend of litchi, pear blossom and Chinese ginger in top notes, with a heart of gold mimosa, pink freesia and magnolia. Base notes introduce musk, Tonka and white cedar.

Retail Price : RM285.00 100ml Edp (Women)

Our Price : RM185.00 (Save RM100.00)

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baiting some girl with hypotheses

No, I didn't go through 248 pages of clip-on earrings on etsy...

If I weren't such a cheapskate I'd buy all of these because they are wonderful BAMF vintage clip-ons for the piercing impaired. But I am such a cheapskate.

Above, Classy Black Enamel White Pearl and Rhinestone Vintage Clip On Earrings from BeadingHeartVintage, $8.50 on etsy

Above, lovely vintage porcelain rose earrings from ricracandbuttons, $12.95 on etsy

Above, Vintage Multicolor Flower Clip On Earrings from MilaTreasures, $12.00 on etsy

Above, Gaia's Woodland Child from randompatch, $10 on etsy

Above, Vintage Rhinestone Chandelier Drop Earrings from velvetstone, $14 on etsy

Above, Vintage plastic flower and leaf earrings from velvetstone, $23 on etsy
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