I'm calling you one day.

Just to be obnoxious, I'm going to put everything in separate posts, starting with this one. This is what I was up to yesterday:

Above, this is going to be white ink on a white shirt, as soon as I find an appropriate white shirt.

Above, this is based off this version by hejin on craftster. It would preferably be black on white, but again, I need to find the right blank white shirt.

Above, this is based off the The Remus Lupins' t-shirts, which have been copied in every form imaginable. I'm kind of hoping I'm going to get ahold of silver or gold metallic ink (since my only metallic is purple right now), but I'd also need either a dark red or dark green t-shirt. I have a dark green one, but it's the same kind of shirt I printed my "This is why I'm hot" climate change shirts on, so that would be semi-lame. And because I am an embarrassing friend, I would wear this on July 17th. [EDIT: 15th? I'm really confused.]

And here are the in-progress shots.

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