oh, God, what a bitch

It's been a while since I've dressed like a human. Can you tell by my overenthusiasm? I wore this to spend the shortest four hours ever with a few of my favorite people.

Above, sunglasses: BP Nordstrom. Scarf: Esprit sample sale. T-shirt: She Doesn't Even Realize, Threadless. Skirt: DIY. Bag: J. Crew. Tights: Forever21. Shoes: Payless.

Oh, I also mis-guessed my lipstick color. It is actually 520E.

Also, it's becoming increasingly obvious that I need a new pair of oxfords much more than I need Toms, because I wear them with everything. Since my silver ones are backordered until July, I think I'm going to try to cancel my order...

Wasn't sure if I should leave the scarf knot in the back or the front... it migrated during the day.

What I live for:


Lookit my hand-rolled hem, which looks great from the inside but ugly from the outside, which... defeats the purpose.

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