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I wrote to myself a few days ago,

"Ahem. The redic haircut I am currently sporting is my way of giving the finger to men everywhere, the ones who catcall and make inane comments and are the reason girls tug their skirts down walking by a construction site."


"things I would like to go back to: not wearing makeup and feeling great about it, not having someone breathing down my neck about where I am and what I'm doing at every hour, sleeping in a dorm room where it never gets dark or quiet, having a small closet, not knowing Spring Awakening existed so I wouldn't want to see it so much"

And after doing a brief analysis of what my expenses have gone into these past few months, I have set two rules for myself.

1) Watch where you spend on gifts.
2) Don't buy things out of guilt.

And after watching the .mp4 of Spring Awakening on Google Videos (of the entire production. I don't know if that's legal or not...), my thoughts were

1) I was so afraid I was going to dislike the show after I saw the whole thing, but the songs are even better in context. Especially "Left Behind." I fell in love with the music first, so that is saying something.
2) and I quote (myself), "i LOVE LOVE LOVE the sparse set" but this is coming from someone who worked in a no-budget theater group for four years. On the flipside, the set of Wicked also sets my heart a-flutter.
3) "I Believe" and the Hayloft Scene were so, so well done, but "Don't Do Sadness" pretty much wins in every way. (It would win even more if it were Blake Bashoff, who is a BAMF.)
4) It's true - and I quote, "the lighting was fucking SO APPROPRIATE"
5) I have to go read the script.

So I read the script, and wow, it works much better as a musical. And I quote, "the ending of the original script SUCKS"

Also in terms of fashion, I want a newsboy cap really badly because I so have the hair for it now... and I quote, "haircut rocking. feel like either a really hot girl or an unattractive boy. awesome."

And I quote, "This haircut makes me unable to do SexKitten![Self], which I think is a good thing because it means fewer boys falling on me and ... and... God, dammit. And I feel like this is more me. I feel like myself. I feel like myself in this haircut. Me with long GIRL hair was just. So. Contrived. So. I want to be like everyone else. Please accept me as a girl. Well fuck that shit."

Oh. I am a potty mouth.
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