kaleidoscope eyes

It's time to play hipster!

How do you achieve hipster eye makeup when you are too poor to buy red-toned eye makeup just for one look, too lame to party all night, and too poor to buy the drugs and alcohol that would naturally produce "heroin chic" eyes? (Notice my commas in the air. They are not just ornamental.)

With a couple poorly thought-out purchases!

Like this Bare Escentuals lip liner that I bought for junior prom and ended up never using because it made my lips look awfully 90s! It is now perfect for rimming my eyes in a dull red.

And this Burt's Bees tinted lip balm in Watermelon, which is not sheer enough to wear for just moisture and not dark enough to justify putting on! Ever! (Can you tell I'm not very good at subtle makeup? Sheer pink lips? How plebeian.) When I lost my first tube of Burt's Bees in Rhubarb, my mother was still in charge of the majority of my purchases, and apparently Rhubarb was too red, so she picked out this pretty, ladylike, boring as hell pink. Oh, mother, you make me laugh! But now, smudge on your eyelids - instantly dewy and diseased-ish! Like you've been dancing all night and getting high!

And the sad part is, I'm not kidding. I really like the way this looks.
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