If I wait to see Spring Awakening when it comes back to the West Coast, it will be missing Blake Bashoff and Kyle Riabko and Ben Moss. In fact, if I don't make my way to Louisville, Baltimore, or Philadelphia before June is over, the cast will have already lost Blake (so I hear). And the whole point would have been to see the National Tour cast, who are mind-blowing.

...Cry with me, children.

[EDIT: It will be missing only Kyle after June, according to Pun of the Spring Awakening National Tour Cast blog, Totally Trucked. I will keep this in mind. Although by November, when they'll be in Sacramento and Costa Mesa (which are both reasonably close), Ben Moss will be gone and at Harvard. And I do love me some Ben Moss. But still! I will wait and see how my mother feels about jetsetting...]

[EDIT: ...Did I mention how AWESOME Pun commenting was?!]

[EDIT: Did I mention how untalented the talented YOUNG cast makes me feel?]
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