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So I was cleaning out old school stuff and decided it was time to get rid of my APUSH ID cards. Here's the stack:

Bye, stack! And a sample card:

Bye, sample card! You served me well.

This is how bored I got in my English 45C class with Altieri:

Above, while reading Things Fall Apart.

Above, I was thinking of how to make mustaches on sticks.

Above, left to right, top to bottom, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Voldemort/Dark Mark, Dumbledore, Gilderoy Lockheart & Sparkles (TM)

And this is from Journey Through Hell with Ms. B (what was it? APEng72? 74? I can't remember), a class I enjoyed an embarrassingly huge amount. Crime and Punishment, Raskolnikov's mind:

I can't believe how much fun I had doing this/how complicated it is/how much I forgot because I can't remember what all these little drawings mean...

I'm going to guess the cat is Porfiry Pasomethingvitch, and the bloody girl is Sonia? I can barely remember.

Anyway, speaking of things I can't believe, I can't believe how much drawing we did in that English class. (Maybe that's why I liked it so much, along with the favoritism, hot chocolate, Minutes, and in-class essays.)

I believe this is from Dante's Inferno, although I couldn't tell you what I was trying to depict.

Above, helpfully labeled as "not a tree." The stick man is as confused as I am.

Above, I vaguely remember this... it involved lizards... and men... and hell.

Above, HAHA! Look at the stick man's expression! Hi, Jojo!

Above, is the tree weeping? I don't know.

Above, I'm pretty sure everybody had epic swirly-patterned dinosaurs for Gabriel's section or recitation or whatever.

Above, BEST! Hi, Tony.

Above, did Jojo draw this? Anyway, helpfully labeled "wailing."

Above, I totally remember this! Dido and Aeneas! The labels help.

Above, HAHA! Things that are awesome: Death, the dude on the floor who looks like he's in a sleeping bag, and the questionable math on the side that I think indicates how many cattle were sacrificed.

Above, hi, Jeffrey, who (I was told) reads this, much to my chagrin (hey, Arber kids, that was for you). I don't know what's going on in this picture, but that guy has an eye patch.

But obvz, Tony always yields the best drawing results. Observe:

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