it don't matter what'll come to be

Impromptu shopping trip:

Above, $22

Above, $5.80 each

Above, left to right, $3.90, $1, $1

Above, 7 for $25

  1. The United Colors of Benetton that isn't inside Westfield/the SF Shopping Center is closing down, so the entire spring collection was half off. I feel much better paying $22 for a white button-down from UCB than for any top from Forever21. I am happy. I would be happier if I had bought it in black as well, but that seemed excessive (considering I bought everything else pictured here first).
  2. Forever21 didn't have any plain black fake Wayfarers, so I settled for these. In retrospect I should have gotten the black splatter ones and the black version of the floral ones, but oh well. I'll probably sit on them and crush them soon anyway.
  3. I usually have a lot of trouble finding stuff at H&M. But I love tights. Especially $1 tights.
  4. American Eagle is really not my store of choice. However 7 for $25 is better than Victoria Secret's 5 for $25. And I want to be able to wear a thong without complaining, so I am trying a different one. TMI? Also I think I can go for like 2 months without doing laundry now...
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