I am retiring my folder, which has served me through Modern World (with Tony!), AP Psych, and APES. And possibly another subject I can't remember.

Above, because when I was 13, "sexie" was in my vocabulary.

Above, a drawing done by Evelina that I kept in that binder for... four years.

The next thing retiring is my pajama pants from Old Navy. I am really sad to see this go, but I can't keep pretending they fit. They fit when I was 8. But look at this print! I refer to these as my "magical pants." I am not kidding.

(Gotta love a man with a whip.)

And third, I am retiring my lacy underthing from xhiliration at Target. Not that I wore it alone. But it was always the right shot of lace or bust-emphasis or strappiness when layered. The elastic is coming undone, though, so there's no rescuing this even though it fits perfectly well. Goodbye, friend.

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