color the hours

It's amazing how much stuff floats through my brain when I'm not rotting away chained to my laptop. This past weekend I've not only had no outlet for my brain barf other than a Moleskine and a mechanical pencil, but only had about ten minutes of internet dedicated to keeping the contents of my inbox describable as "hills" rather than "mountains."

  • According to The Omnivore's Dilemma, I am a fluke of nature made possible by corn.
  • It is good to be young.
  • There was a woman in front of us at the SFO security checkpoint, whom an airport staff member asked, "Ma'am, are you aware there is a machete in your bag?"
  • It's funny how commencement speeches surprise you and start that whole wave of Not Going To College For Theater Regret again.
  • Nutella is the spread of the gods.
  • Waking up before 4:30 feels both disgusting and amazing.
  • I am a sick, sick person...I love okra.
  • LA tap water still tastes gross.
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