As a small fish in a very, very large pond, I was pretty surprised when chickdowntown offered to sponsor a giveaway on this blog. But I'm awesome, so I should have expected it.

Speaking of awesome, this Tolani scarf is what is up for grabs (only for those in the U. S., sorry!):

Above, Purple Morning Glory Scarf

AHHHHH. Because I don't think ahead much, I chose something that I would like to own myself, only to realize that one of you will own it. It's okay. I have great taste. Therefore, you will love it.

Tolani makes lots of other scarves that are also awesome, like these two, which I REALLY WANT AS WELL:

Above, Lakshmi Brown Scarf by Tolani

Above, Teal Zig Zag Scarf by Tolani

Chickdowntown also stocks other badassery like this dress by MINK PINK:

Above, Breathless Dress in Black

So, my very dear 2.5 readers (and any lurkers who would like to crawl out of the woodwork now), to win the Tolani scarf of Epic, I'd like you comment on this post with your answer to BOTH of the following questions:

1) How would you wear this scarf?
2) How would this scarf help you in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

Any comment that answers both questions, submitted at or before 11:59 PM of July 2, 2009 will be considered eligible to win, but I'll choose the winner randomly out of the qualified comments.

(P. S. You can follow/fan/stalk chickdowntown on twitter and Facebook.)

That's it. Get crackin', 2.5 readers!
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