After watching a LIVESTREAMED! Ben Moss and Julie Danielson... streamed video, I have decided that Ben Moss is made of win, and to pretend this is fashion-related, here is my post on...

How to Dress Like A Spring Awakening National Tour Cast Member

1) Obtain dubious amounts of flannel, preferably from Urban Outfitters or Forever21. (NOTE: These options will work better if you are of the male persuasion.)

(I'm not sure if I can count Matt Doyle as part of the cast anymore, but his voice is pretty epic in itself. Also now that I am going through the cast's videos... they show up in flannel too many times. I give up. But here are some options for you.)

2) Obtain a mustard-colored t-shirt, or other mustard-colored items.

3) Get shat on by a bird. (This one is necessary if you want to be anywhere near as talented as Blake Bashoff.)
4) Acquire something from John Varvatos for Converse.

5) Purchase a wannabe Thom Browne cardigan.

6) Top it off with some badass aviators.

7) And, because your wrists and palms and forearms will be so cold, but your fingers will burn to the touch, slip on a pair of armwarmers.

Okay, this turned into a How To Dress Like An Andy and How To Accessorize Like A Ben. But more embarrassing than that is the fact that I own no flannel and multiple pairs of armwarmers. Including pairs of socks that I cut up and stuck safety pins in to make armwarmers (kindly not pictured). Because, you know, when I was twelve, I was such a radical.

I don't even know what to do with these anymore. Keep them in the same box they've been in for years? Sounds like a plan.

I would still like some flannel, though. But I'd rather get it secondhand, and it's been a fruitless search so far. Oh, the pain of achieving my ideal 90s look!

[EDIT: This blog is most definitely for me more than for my 2.5 readers. Self, when you reread this in the future, be prepared to choke and splutter at Ben's armwarmer dance. (.GIFs from someone at The Guilty Ones.)

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